Sunday, September 4, 2011

dawn of the dead

Well, hello!

Here are some things that have been going on in the past couple months. Please pick and choose from among this list to formulate a custom excuse for why I have been absent from the blogosphere for almost exactly three months.

  • I bought two vegan cookbooks and seriously thought about going vegan.
  • I stuffed bratwursts in my face two at a time at the company End of Summer Picnic.
  • Girl Roomie and Boy Roomie moved out.
  • New Roomie moved in. His name is Brian. He's okay I GUESS.
  • I got a promotion at work! However, it doesn't kick into effect until December, so I am going to be poor for a little while longer.
  • I turned into my mother and started eating oatmeal for breakfast, force-feeding Boyf vitamins against his will and spraying everyone with SPF 50 every ten minutes.
  • I stopped wearing cool clothes because I work in an office thirty hours a week and no one there understands over-the-knee socks.
  • I sweat my ass off during the same ridiculously humid summer that I so looked forward to during the ridiculously snowy winter.
  • I gained eleven pounds.
  • I begged incessantly for a puppy, much to Boyf's irritation.
  • I cut my hair off.
  • I finally got my car's oil changed!
  • !!!!!!
  • Seriously guys, the oil thing is a big deal.
  • Also, I bought a pepper grinder and it might be my favorite purchase of all time.

I'm not sure what kind of blog this iteration is going to be. What I do know is that I want it to feel more personal, and I'm not sure if right now that necessarily means posting an outfit three times a week. Also I wanted to be able to curse more, because I curse a lot in real life and people don't really curse a lot on fashion blogs. Has anyone else realized that?

But I still like blogging, and I miss you guys. Also, apparently my dad tells people about my blog when they ask how I'm doing in Buffalo. So I have to give the people something, you know?

What I do know is that it's good to be back. Again.



    I have totally noticed the lack of curses on blogs. I definitely have felt weird in the past about the amount of time I spend re-writing a line to omit a swear. I don't want to offend anyone, and don't want to have a crazy amount of swears, but honestly if one pops out, I don't want to feel guilty. I said BALLS the other day on my blog and was SO stressed!

    Anyway, all that to say welcome back AND I totally getcha.

  2. Jesus H! Hi! You know what's wierd? The other day I was all of a sudden, haven't heard from Elle in a I blog stalked you, and found out you hadn't posted since June. And I totally freaked out for a moment about how you were OBVIOUSLY dead. And then I calmed down and decided to give you some time before I mounted a search party (ok, it prolly would have just been me and my cat, but we would have come PREPARED.). And look! Here you are! I'm glad you're blogging again. And I think you should swear much more.

    Little story. Yesterday at work, I accidentally referred (during a tour no less) to politicians, in toto, as "attention whores". I felt the words coming out of my mouth, and I could. not. stop. them. And then I spent the next two hours being completely mortified about letting my ACTUAL OPINION, dirty word and all, slink into my work place. And then I realized it was no biggie and prolly made the tout a little spicier. Fuck editing.

  3. Hey there! May I say congrats on the raise and the oil change and the haircut, etc! I will welcome your curse words, I've been feeling the same way about blogging lately. Sometimes you just have to write HOLY TESTICLE TUESDAY, you know? Although, is testicle a curse word? Anyway, you get it.
    Real quick @ Rose: Totally stopped myself from saying attention whore at work the other day. Especially since I now work with a PRIEST o_o (I work at a catholic university). Lame, I feel like I need to be on my best behavior now or something.

  4. Yeah! Glad you're back.

    I totally hear you in the cussing. The other day I was at a birthday party and the next day someone told me their friend commented on how many times I said fuck in front of the parents that were there. The person who was so shocked is 40. Seriously, can't we cuss around our parents when were that old?

    Secondly, pepper grinders are A-Mazing.

  5. Ok wow it's been awhile lady. But don't worry.. all of the above excuses for being away have made it all ok in blogland. We'll forgive you. As long as you come back. With more vlogs and more oatmeal and vitamin pushing. Congrats on the promo!!! (and the oil).

  6. Look at all of these people who were stalking you, just awaiting this moment of welcoming you back.. cough cough myself included. Well I am back too and I am ecstatic to read your words again, miss elle. I hope all if well in your land, and that.

  7. UMMMMMM first of all.
    if you ever want to come over to the vegan darkside, i will stuff your belly full of banana bread and act like your russian vegan babushka granny. pinky promises.
    second of all, I UNDERSTAND YOUR OVER THE KNEE SOCKS. there, i said it. now get on with your bad self.

    ....can you tell i'm pumped you're back?! xo

  8. Oo. I covet your pepper grinder. And your grocery stores. Nothing here in Florida can match Wegmans, not even Whole Foods. I devoted an entire blog post to the issue.