Thursday, June 2, 2011


In this picture, I am either nineteen or twenty years old. I'm inclined to say I was twenty (actually I know for a fact that I was...) but I like putting the question of my being nineteen in there because it makes it easier to push that dress off on the folly of youth.

This picture was taken the winter of my junior year of college. (It's crazy how long ago that was and how recent it seems!) I was going to a fraternity formal with Kevin, the guy in the picture and one of my very best friends in the whole wide world. There are a whole series of pictures from that night that are much more flattering than this one and do not give my face the appearance of seven chins, but this one is Kevin's favorite and (secretly) mine.

Kevin is the best. He's the funniest person I know, he's cheated death three times (or is it four now?), he has awesome musical taste and in college he would let me play RockBand in his living room until I almost went comatose. We had a lot of fun at the formal...probably more fun than everyone else did because they were all either fighting with their girlfriends or trying to impress their dates, and we just...did our usual thing. Which is to have fun and be awesome.

He sent me a CD in the mail the other day. It felt like highschool, where you would trade CD's that you illegally burned with all your best friends. I miss him.

Oh and also, how ridiculous is that dress?! I got it from Kohl's but I think the label is Mandee? I couldn't tell you because the neckline is truly obscene and I got rid of it about a year ago.

Here's a song from the CD Kev sent me:

I think you should all post embarrassing pictures of poorly conceived formal wear, too. Or pictures of your best friends. Because I did, and I'm in a nostalgicky mood today.