Sunday, May 22, 2011

a weekend in pictures

So I'm not good at remembering to take pictures of things as they happen. The way I've always thought, why would I stop enjoying something so that I can document how much I'm enjoying it? Like, sooo meta, right?

But the thing is, I like it when I do remember to take pictures of stuff. I like looking over my past as much as the next person. And this weekend was awesome, so I tried to take pictures of it as it happened. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Starter baby herb garden. We play find-the-sun with it all day. This location? Bathroom
window ledge, right above the toilet.

Bedroom! Prayer flags, Boyf's new favorite hat, Elephant and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
All things that are good.


It was supposed to be Ni├žoise salad, but we adjusted it kind of. So it was delicious and I ended up calling it French fry salad, because of the friend nature of the potatoes. Boyf says that makes it sound less healthy, but I think it makes it sound duly delicious.

Lots and lots of Parks and Rec. It's funny. I like it. I'm actually watching it right now.

Also, yes, that is a green sock monkey on top of the TV. He looks like he's passed out. We only have two stuffed animals in the whole apartment, but judging by these pictures it kind of looks like we have them everywhere. We are real grown-ups, I promise.

Also, yes, that is wine you see there. It is delicious and I am twenty-one, just to make that clear.

Handsome man, declining to be photographed. Wahhh.

Breakfast this morning at my favorite coffee shop ever ever ever. I got granola with fruit and yogurt and honey and an Americano. My mug was shaped like a rattlesnake, which officially makes it the coolest mug ever, and I got to read more of my book.

The girl at the table next to me got a whole pot of tea on a super adorable tray with a honey pot and a sugar bowl and a creamer and spoons and cups and stuff. And there is a whole list of teas you can choose from. I made Boyf promise we can come back next weekend. And even though he doesn't drink tea and I am going to end up drinking the whole pot on my own, I don't even care. Also they have ebelskivers which make my mouth water. Yum yum.

And now my handsome man is in the kitchen making some pasta with asparagus and proscuitto and then we are going to watch Game of Thrones and go over to his parents house to help open the pool. Which means that Boyf is going to open the pool and I am going to drink wine and chat with his mom.

Weekends are the best best ever! :)


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend, Elle! Missed your blogging!!!!!

    I want rattlesnake coffee too. and a portable herb garden.

  2. I have missed you too! I keep checking for another post from you but alas have had no luck until now. I did watch your vlog and loved it but didn't comment because I like watching vlogs while getting ready for work which makes me late :S

    Your weekend looked sooo amazing and the food sounded DELICIOUS. Prosciutto and asparagus were MEANT for each other. In other news, I LOVE Parks and Rec. This last season was especially funny - Adam Scott and Rob Lowe are great additions. Jack and I also love Game of Thrones, it has gotten so intense so quickly.

  3. i was missing your posts, lady :) i so so want your boyfs new hat, hardcore. and i am getting into parks and recs as well! mostly because i'm completely convinced that tom haverford and jean-ralphio, if they mighty morphed into the same person, would be my soul mate. really and truly. who can deny the adorableness of a rapping set of nerds? not i.

  4. I am all kinds of jealous of your lovely weekend. If I had documented my weekend in pictures it would have consisted of my laundry room and my nose in a book-- because that's about as far as I got!

    I missed ya tons, and hope to hear about your week soon!
    Love the pics of the apt, looks marrrvelous!

  5. Elle. I don't want to freak you out but...I think you may be my little sister or my personality doppelganger. I am currently obsessed with Parks & Rec, Games of Thrones, my garden, my boys (human and canine) and I keep eating long grain rice for breakfast which I understand isn't granola but is equally hippie. Oh and wine I like wine too!

  6. I like that it sounds like Boyf spends a fair amount of time in the kitchen. I like a man in an apron. Love your baby herb garden - adorable. Looks like you've got some good stuff in there. The husband likes that parks and rec show.. I usually have my nose in a blog while he's watching it but I hear a good amount of chuckling so it must be pretty good.