Monday, May 2, 2011


I totally stole that word from Jofus and Nina. Oops.
(BTW, are you guys as obsessed as I am? Cause you should be.)


  1. I laughed out loud when you picked up that GIANT mug of lemon water.

    These vlogs make me miss you. So much.
    Buffalo trip is happening in June (ish). Hold me to it.

  2. Holy moly that mug is huge, hahaha, and I thought it was a margarita when you first picked it up! Also, I have a dishwasher, haha, mail it to me!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  3. DOUBLE FISTING WATER AND TEA! of course. the look on your face when you accidentally said boyf's name was hilarious.

  4. I'm writing my comment as I watch your video, to give a complete synopsis of course...
    1. i drink lemon water all the time, just a splash however.
    2. i love that your name is eleanor.. love love love it.
    3. i would like an ozzy the size of an elephant
    4. keep the big metal cup


  5. HA I also definitely thought that was a HUGE Margarita when you first picked it up - I was a little disappointed when you said it was just lemon water. Haha. Love the random free stuff - olives! So random. I'll bet the dress was cute - S doesn't know what he's talking about :)

  6. i love your voice.

    oh my gosh, that was really creepy that i said that.

  7. Miss your posts. No pressure (no, really.). Just sayin.

  8. Friend! Friend, where are you?