Tuesday, May 24, 2011

urban jungle

shoes- target
dress- ASOS
vest- penney's
belt- dockers
earrings- topshop

There are some really cute areas in my neighborhood. And then, there are places like this. This doctor's office is close to my apartment but I swear I have never seen anyone go in or out of it. The grass always needs to be cut and, as you can see, the sign in front of the garage makes it sound like a high-security lock-up.

So, I mean of course I would take outfit photos here.

These shoes are both really new, really cute and (at this point in the day) really painful. But for twenty-five bones, I'll take them. Also, I really need to get myself some new contact lenses, but until I do, meet my glasses! You've seen them before, but I have a feeling that you all are going to become good friends.

I want to go shopping. I think I have an addiction. I just bought these shoes and a cardigan on Sunday, but I still want to go for a really good, long thrift and drive somewhere that has an H&M. I have a problem. Boyf saw me walk up to the register at Target the other day (we'd gone with our friends just to tag along on the way to somewhere else) and deadpanned, "Actually, I was thinking that you really do need about six more pairs of shoes. I'd been meaning to mention it to you."

Hardy har, babe. Hardy har har.

What have you guys been itching to buy lately? And what did you do on this lovely, beautiful day?


  1. hurrah! hurrah! another post by you! and I love your outfit, it's so fun and stylin and great for a day out (with a pair of flats in your bag)

    I love what you're doing with your blog - so fresh and so clean. The font is simple and great, and I like how you've pushed everything to the right.

  2. those shoes are fuh-ierce! i'm not sure if i need to pay tyra for the copyright on that word, but it's the truth. love dis and all of your posts lately! your boyf sounds hilar!

    i toootes got a jacket at gap today that was originally $80 buckaroonies but i got it FOR SIX DOLLARS?! blasphemy! i nearly convulsed on the floor. it was glorious.

  3. UM, I hope you are a patient of Dr. Hellriegel's, Elle. That sign mean BIDNESS. Seriously what the hellriegel is up with that doctor and his sign and the fact that no one goes in there?? I would talk about your cute outfit but I'm too wrapped up in the mystery.

  4. Those are some sah-weet shoes! I've been wanting to buy more wedges for this summer since I only have one pair (and I always need about 6 new pairs of shoes, so I know exactly what Boyf is talking about).

    Also, on this lovely beautiful day I stayed inside and studied. Feel sorry for me please! Except I did take a break to go watch the new Pirates movie...still feel sorry for me though!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  5. Nice, those are great shoes! Sucks they start to hurt.. but at least they look great. I like the layering of your vest and dress with the belt too, very cute. The keep out of the Doctor's office is pretty sketch - I wonder if it's an undercover operation.