Monday, May 30, 2011

tweet tweet tweet

Who rocks in the treetop, all the day long, hoppin' and a boppin' and a singin' this song?

The answer is me. I do. Because I caved in and I have a twitter now.

Guys, I am twitter defective. So you should all be my friends and explain to me how it works, okay? :)

I had a long, sunny weekend during which I had to take two showers a day because it's so hot here. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, I promise.

I leave you with a photo of a baby elephant conquering a log. Why? Because it's adorable.


  1. Adorable. I've got to get on that twitter thing..

  2. I am so behind on stalking you, I love the braids you rocked in the post before this one, but I can't lie, my true excitement shines for you being on twitter now... TWEET TWEET! :)

  3. I know you're a dog lover so thought I'd better share this: Cuteness overload! You're welcome.