Thursday, May 26, 2011

bloggity blog

shoes- urban outfitters
skirt- forever 21
shirt- h&m

Do you see this beautiful hairstyle? This is what you get when you try to copy Emily's lovely tutorial before work, ask your boyfriend for a quick time-check when you're done braiding the four braids, and then freak out when you find out it's ten minutes later than you thought it was and instead of following said lovely tutorial, you simple haphazardly pin braids to the top of your head in a random way.

I'm a genius, I know. I had two people at work today tell me they liked my hair, though. One of them was a man. Granted, he was old enough to be my dad, but still. Male approval! Of my hair! Heretofore unheard of!

Also, guys, I felt very...blogger-y today. Pattern! Color! Milkmaid braids! Nerdy glasses! I was going to wear my crazy wedges but then I decided that it was just too much and went with my standard wear-them-to-work-pretty-much-every-day flats. Too bad I only got one decent photo of all this bloggy goodness, though. It's thunderstorming out in Buffalo today, so I couldn't go outside to take pictures.

What's the weather like around you guys? And do you ever have days where all you can get is one picture? Boo.


  1. I did not get compliments on my braids today. IN FACT a male co-worker coerced me to admit that I'd done the braids because I hadn't washed my hair in front of a whole room of people. I'm an over sharer by nature and when pushed will admit to pretty much anything I think people will find interesting or may get me a laugh. This factoid received neither.

  2. Ha! Today I had an odd older lady in the fabric store tell me it was a very German hairstyle, and that she had worn her hair that way when she was a little girl in Germany.

    I like this looser take on the milkmaid look though, I think it's very cute!

  3. bahahahaa looking very bloggery today. i just feel like having a huge halloween party with blogger friends, each dressing up as another blogging cliche. red balloons. eyebrow grazing bangs. and the obligatory milkmaid braids. :)

  4. Cute! I haven't done the milkmaid braids in a while but I think I might soon.

  5. Darling! I want more pictures! Ones with your face in 'em. From the looks of it, that hairstyle turned out rather pretty...I think braids are cooler anyway, when they're a bit undone.

  6. Sometimes I have days where I don't even get ONE picture in! But maybe those are just days where I am lazy!

    I love that hair and your outfit and you are super adorable as usual!! I want to try that hairstyle now. I've been in a rut with my hair lately.