Monday, May 30, 2011

tweet tweet tweet

Who rocks in the treetop, all the day long, hoppin' and a boppin' and a singin' this song?

The answer is me. I do. Because I caved in and I have a twitter now.

Guys, I am twitter defective. So you should all be my friends and explain to me how it works, okay? :)

I had a long, sunny weekend during which I had to take two showers a day because it's so hot here. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, I promise.

I leave you with a photo of a baby elephant conquering a log. Why? Because it's adorable.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

bloggity blog

shoes- urban outfitters
skirt- forever 21
shirt- h&m

Do you see this beautiful hairstyle? This is what you get when you try to copy Emily's lovely tutorial before work, ask your boyfriend for a quick time-check when you're done braiding the four braids, and then freak out when you find out it's ten minutes later than you thought it was and instead of following said lovely tutorial, you simple haphazardly pin braids to the top of your head in a random way.

I'm a genius, I know. I had two people at work today tell me they liked my hair, though. One of them was a man. Granted, he was old enough to be my dad, but still. Male approval! Of my hair! Heretofore unheard of!

Also, guys, I felt very...blogger-y today. Pattern! Color! Milkmaid braids! Nerdy glasses! I was going to wear my crazy wedges but then I decided that it was just too much and went with my standard wear-them-to-work-pretty-much-every-day flats. Too bad I only got one decent photo of all this bloggy goodness, though. It's thunderstorming out in Buffalo today, so I couldn't go outside to take pictures.

What's the weather like around you guys? And do you ever have days where all you can get is one picture? Boo.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

urban jungle

shoes- target
dress- ASOS
vest- penney's
belt- dockers
earrings- topshop

There are some really cute areas in my neighborhood. And then, there are places like this. This doctor's office is close to my apartment but I swear I have never seen anyone go in or out of it. The grass always needs to be cut and, as you can see, the sign in front of the garage makes it sound like a high-security lock-up.

So, I mean of course I would take outfit photos here.

These shoes are both really new, really cute and (at this point in the day) really painful. But for twenty-five bones, I'll take them. Also, I really need to get myself some new contact lenses, but until I do, meet my glasses! You've seen them before, but I have a feeling that you all are going to become good friends.

I want to go shopping. I think I have an addiction. I just bought these shoes and a cardigan on Sunday, but I still want to go for a really good, long thrift and drive somewhere that has an H&M. I have a problem. Boyf saw me walk up to the register at Target the other day (we'd gone with our friends just to tag along on the way to somewhere else) and deadpanned, "Actually, I was thinking that you really do need about six more pairs of shoes. I'd been meaning to mention it to you."

Hardy har, babe. Hardy har har.

What have you guys been itching to buy lately? And what did you do on this lovely, beautiful day?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

a weekend in pictures

So I'm not good at remembering to take pictures of things as they happen. The way I've always thought, why would I stop enjoying something so that I can document how much I'm enjoying it? Like, sooo meta, right?

But the thing is, I like it when I do remember to take pictures of stuff. I like looking over my past as much as the next person. And this weekend was awesome, so I tried to take pictures of it as it happened. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Starter baby herb garden. We play find-the-sun with it all day. This location? Bathroom
window ledge, right above the toilet.

Bedroom! Prayer flags, Boyf's new favorite hat, Elephant and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
All things that are good.


It was supposed to be Ni├žoise salad, but we adjusted it kind of. So it was delicious and I ended up calling it French fry salad, because of the friend nature of the potatoes. Boyf says that makes it sound less healthy, but I think it makes it sound duly delicious.

Lots and lots of Parks and Rec. It's funny. I like it. I'm actually watching it right now.

Also, yes, that is a green sock monkey on top of the TV. He looks like he's passed out. We only have two stuffed animals in the whole apartment, but judging by these pictures it kind of looks like we have them everywhere. We are real grown-ups, I promise.

Also, yes, that is wine you see there. It is delicious and I am twenty-one, just to make that clear.

Handsome man, declining to be photographed. Wahhh.

Breakfast this morning at my favorite coffee shop ever ever ever. I got granola with fruit and yogurt and honey and an Americano. My mug was shaped like a rattlesnake, which officially makes it the coolest mug ever, and I got to read more of my book.

The girl at the table next to me got a whole pot of tea on a super adorable tray with a honey pot and a sugar bowl and a creamer and spoons and cups and stuff. And there is a whole list of teas you can choose from. I made Boyf promise we can come back next weekend. And even though he doesn't drink tea and I am going to end up drinking the whole pot on my own, I don't even care. Also they have ebelskivers which make my mouth water. Yum yum.

And now my handsome man is in the kitchen making some pasta with asparagus and proscuitto and then we are going to watch Game of Thrones and go over to his parents house to help open the pool. Which means that Boyf is going to open the pool and I am going to drink wine and chat with his mom.

Weekends are the best best ever! :)

Monday, May 2, 2011


I totally stole that word from Jofus and Nina. Oops.
(BTW, are you guys as obsessed as I am? Cause you should be.)