Thursday, April 7, 2011

won't you guess my name?

shoes- target
shirt- new york & co.
skirt- h&m

So today I woke up and I said, "Buffalo, New York, I have had quite about enough of you. This is ridiculous. I am not wearing tights today and you can't make me." And then I stomped out the door and almost froze to death by the time I got to my car. By the time I got out of work today, though, it was much warmer out. I think Buffalo must have reconsidered my threat.

I was originally going to wear my pink cardigan over this, and cuff the sleevs of my button-down over top like I did here, but the shirt was too bulky or the caridgan wasnt bulky enough or something, and it didn't work so I went with the blue-on-blue. I look like a postal worker, but I kind of like it. Monochrome is in this season, if the stylists of everyone who's hosted SNL so far are correct. Right?

Oh, and this is the hallway between our living room and the bedrooms. Very exciting, I know. All those bloggers who take their outfit photos in the sweeping and majestic outdoors have nothing on me. I have green walls. And a white door.

Also, the reason why I am on my toes so much is because Boyf said, "Do something cool," and I randomly hit fourth position. I have no idea why. But after that I was in ballerina mode the whole time and he couldn't stop me. Maybe my subconscious is trying to make me look taller? I have no idea. I wasn't a good ballerina even when I was one, but all I'm going to say now is LOOK GUYS I'M ARTISTIC. And I hope that's good enough.

Oof I have to run! I'm getting together to go bowling with some people from my office. Yes, you heard me right. Bowling. How are the rest of you celebrating almost-the-weekend?


  1. You are doing a great job with your office clothes, I'm loving them! They're right up my alley - simple, classic, comfy, sleek. I'm so impressed you remember the poses... although maybe you don't and I just think you do because I can't remember any - conundrum.

  2. Hey little lady, I like this! BOYCOTT the cold with those bare legs. I am eating gummi bears and watching American Idol on this "almost weekend" night... I'm a rockstar.


  3. Haha I am the world's wooorst bowler. So bad. Agree on the tights - over them. Ready for spring. Period. I like your ballet poses you little model, you! And a very professional and pretty look too, I must say!

  4. aww, the pics are adorable. AND I love, love a great pencil skirt, crisp shirt, and ballet slippers. And this combo looks absolutely gorgeous on you. xx veronika

  5. you are tooo adorable! black-swanning it up in your adorable little apartment! oh man, we are totally opposites btw.
    i'm still attempting to go about my daily activities, protesting in sweaters and jeans, even though the heat and humidity are threatening me with their hot fists. meanies.

  6. I had no idea you were a ballerina! I used to be one too, but I can't remember anything past third position. haha!

    I know exactly how you feel with being sick of wearing tights. It snowed in Toronto a few nights ago and I've been too chicken to go outside to take any outfit photos.

  7. As usual, you are looking incredibly adorable! You're the cutest, nicest postal worker I've ever seen! :)

    I kind of wish it was cool enough to wear tights in was almost 90 degrees this weekend and it will only get much worse over the summer!

  8. Totally, I am definitely jealous of the green wall/white door. Seriously if I had that I would take photos indoors. Reason I have to take them outside is I live in the most boring place ever. There is like no furniture, and I have one room entirely devoted to boxes. Seriously it's a room filled with empty boxes. Um I need to stop now before more embarrassing admissions come out in this comment.

  9. Haha, you're definitely the cutest postal worker I've ever seen!

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