Wednesday, April 20, 2011

vlog redux


  1. "Because I'm a man."


    thanks for the shout-out, ya so great <3

  2. I literally laughed out loud when you said you were a man... in fact, i am still laughing... I love your vids everytime, love your tips. I twist my hair like that sometimes too!

  3. I'm totally using that idea for your bangs, that's genius because I don't know how to french braid either. Also, your videos are pretty much my favorite ever, because you're hilarious and apparently a man. But I don't judge.

    Anyway, have fun this weekend! I wish I lived near you guys too and not 39845273459 miles away.

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  4. Not to be demanding but.. more.vlogs. I love them! So entertaining. Definitely laughed out loud (alone) when you said you were a man and then realized you couldn’t edit it out. Did boyf bake muffins? That part was good too. That is so cool you’re meeting up with another blogger/friend – I’m going to have to check her out. Ariel is my favorite. Super excited for a million outfit pictures. Or zero.

  5. You are adorable. I love the part about your mom. :) And I'm totally trying the twisted bangs sometime.

    I am always running late. Like this morning...I didn't even wash my face. So, there is no judging from me. :)

    Have fun in the city!!!

  6. twisted bangs are such a great call! I love your vlogs and I'm so excited you and lexi are real-life friends because I think the two of you are such awesome girls!

    I watched your vlog this morning while getting ready which made me late for work which is funny because that's what your post was about. oh irony?? that damn alanis morisette song has forever made me question the correct use of that word.

  7. Aahahahahahha Elle you gotta do more of these vlogs (pleasepleaseprettyplease)! You are so damn funny, girl. I am totally going to use that bang trick (so cute!) and I died when you said you were a man lady and when you were talking about your mom telling you you look like a skank because your neckline is too low! Hahahahaha, still dying. Too adorable, you.

    PS: It's been so hard to keep up with the blogging (please forgive me!) but I've been keeping up with your adorable outfit posts (love your office looks!!!!) ;)