Thursday, April 28, 2011

personal pizzas

shoes- etsy
dress- ASOS
cardigan- target
scarf- vintage

Guys, I need more dresses. My mother says that I don't need any more clothes, but I wear the two solid cotton shift dresses that I have to work just about once a week. My mall doesn't have an H&M yet, so I'm thinking about a trip this weekend, even though I spent way too much money at Zara last weekend. But I mean, dresses! Come on! What's more important than looking nice and feeling nice at work? (The answer, in case you were wondering, is nothing. Nothing at all.)

So this past weekend was fun. In addition to everything you guys read about in Lexie's post, I spent a lot of time on the bus during which a man snored in my ear for eight hours, bought gnocchi at Eataly, drank about a gallon of vino, and got asked if I was Colombian twice at a club. (???) All in all, a solid win.

It's good to be home though. I never thought I would pine for our pea-green apartment and our sticky leather couches, but I did. I was also glad to get back to work. My email inbox was like my little abandoned child, just waiting for me to soothe it and put it back in order.

I spent the day today eating the chocolate out of a couple of sample advent calendars and picking out what I want for lunch tomorrow. It's Administrative Assistant's day, and the salesmen in our office are buying all us girls lunch. I'm getting a broccoli cheddar personal pizza.

It's good to be home.


  1. Hey girl, love all the pics! I am glad there were so many! I'd totally fall doing that walk across thing.. I fall ALL THE TIME!

    Suggestion: As an avid wearer and buyer of dresses, its always fun to splurge on a good one, but consider picking up some cheaper ones that are fun and fancy too!

    Enjoy your pizza, lady!

  2. That is really nice they're buying you lunch - when I was an administrative assistant a few years go no one even mentioned the fact that we had a day! I want a do-over! You are brave for taking that jumping picture.. I was afraid the picture after that would be you on the ground.. but it looks like you made it safely to the other side. That dress does look comfy - agree that you may need one more to add to the collection!

  3. I wore almost the same exact thing on Tuesday (teal t-shirt dress, grey cardigan, brown oxfords, paisley scarf). Fate?

    When I visit, we are totes going shopping. Especially since I didn't indulge at Zara/Topshop like the rest of you crazies.

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  5. please get twitter. and also tell me where you got these shoes on etsy.

  6. Awww so jealous, when I was an admin assistant my bosses never remember Admin Assistants day!

    Also, I am loving your outfit! The brogues, dress, cardigan and scarf look so perfect together - so effortless.

  7. Love this gorgeous look... loving the oxfords and scarf, such a chic look. AND as for more dresses? YES. I am on the hunt for more myself. Have a great week hun!! x veronika

  8. I love the added color in the scarf! And have you checked out Target recently? They've been getting some really cute dresses.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  9. If you need more dresses, then you need to go dress shopping! You don't need more just need certain pieces to add to your closet in order to create an even greater variety of outfits - for both work and weekend!

    I'm always looking at super cute dresses on Modcloth but have yet to purchase one. Maybe it's time! I need to find more dresses that can be made more business-like for work and casual for my weekends. Let me know if/when you find some.

    I also have no H&M...but I literally 860 miles from the CLOSEST ONE!!! Yet they continue to play the commercials on tv and it drives me insane because I LOVE H&M!!!!!

    I'll settle down now.