Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a muffin full of glass

shoes- payless
pants- target
tee- h&m
blazer- thrifted
earrings- old navy

So today I wore the most comfortable pants in the world. They were counteracted by the most uncomfortable shoes in the world, so I guess I come out at an even neutral. The pants are comfortable because they're ponte knit. They're a little baggier in some places than I would like, but they are also only $20, and I guess you get what you pay for. The shoes are high and have no cushioning, but they also were only $20. Same story. Either I need to stop complaining or buy better quality clothing. Hm.

Tonight for dinner I cut an eggplant into strips, broiled it up for ten minutes, coated it in siracha and soy sauce and served it over rice. It was maybe the easiest thing I've ever made and my goodness, was that mess good. Boyf snarfed it up and had seconds, which just goes to show that the gals over at Cheap Healthy Good really do know their stuff.

So I know I've been talking about this for a while, but seriously, folks, I can't decide whether or not to cut my hair. Why don't y'all vote on it in the comments? I JUST CAN'T DECIDE ON MY OWN.


  1. Ha! I complain about the quality of my clothes all the time - then I remember that I buy cheap-o clothes. Ah well.
    Your outfit doesn't look cheap. And you don't look cheap....You look very professional and sassy and fun.
    I like the length of your hair as is. Unless you don't. Then I don't. That help?

  2. I have those shoes, I think... Payless shoes are not fun for longer periods of time, thats for sure.

    Ooh, I love me some comfy pants, sister.
    and siracha, i'd put that on everything.

    I like your hair-length buuuut I know sometimes we all get in hair-ruts.
    DO what feels right.

    (but please don't pull a britney)

  3. i thought you were committed to getting it bobbed! but i will support whatever you decide.

    remember when one of the Cheap Healthy Good girls live-blogged a ridiculously long food network marathon and we both read it several times and i giggled uncontrollably in milne and we posted our favorite parts (ie, almost everything she said about giada or paula deen or rachael ray) on each other's walls forever?

    i miss that.

  4. i'm all for going shorter. my hair was about six inches from the top of my butt back in january of 2010, and it's up to my chin/jawline now. depends on how much work you want to put into straightening and/or curling your hair, i think. whatever you decide, i think you'll look great! :D

  5. Mmm, I hate to give hair advice, I feel like it's telling people how to have fun, I mean only you can answer that (yes I've used that analogy a gazillion times before). I really love your flats. I thought they were my Jessica Simpson pair actually, but no. Prolly better.

  6. I'm finding that payless shoes are never really comfortable, which is really sad because of their cheapness. And I think your hair would look really cute short, although I don't know if i should give advice either because every time I chop off my hair I regret it because I want it to be long again. But then it takes FOREVER to grow out and I get impatient and chop it off again. It's never-ending, but the good news is hair grows back regardless.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  7. Hmmmmm hair. If you are itching for a major change go short, but beware the stylist with major hair dresser hair because you do not want her cutting a bob- unless you know and trust her. And with short hair, always bring in tons of photos so there are no misuderstandings. I've had short hair a few times in my past and it can be great, you just need to be specific. Also, if you're rethinking the short, you should know that I think straight across,full, blunt bangs would look great on you! You could go less drastic and for more of a feist-look.

    As for the clothes, you look great! But the quality vs price is always a tough one. Idont spend money on clothes because I have any to spare, I do it because I'm tired of my feet hurting or my sweaters stretching. It's all about balance between quality and trendy&cheap.

    Thats my 20cents

  8. oh my lordy! i looooove your hair! it's so much like i wish my hair could look like, but it always ends up crazy curly. and i appear as if i'm a grateful dead groupie. such is life. i personally think you should grow it out. i'm totally hairspired right now.

  9. mmmm eggplant.

    I love those earrings. Can we go thrifting while we're in NYC?! PWWWEASE?!

    Regarding hair, I think if you went much shorter you would want to straighten it every day, which could be a hassle.

    That being said, I think something like this or this would look SUPER cute on you.