Monday, April 11, 2011

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shoes- urban outfitters
skirt- f21
teeshirt- h&m

This post courtesy of Buffalo finally deciding to get spring-y and Boyf's self-proclaimed "amateur" (also known as, "You pick your photo location, Babe, I don't know anything about taking pictures.") photog skills. I think he did a pretty snazzy job, if I do say so myself. Boyf had to move his car by 6:00 so he wouldn't get a ticket, and I tagged along so I could get my first ever photo shoot in natural lighting.

This spring I'm obsessed with two looks: Little shift dresses paired with simple, clean flats, and enormous flares with clunky, ugly, beautiful cork soled wedges. Boyf is of the opinion that we can't squeeze even one more pair of shoes into our apartment, but I think I can find a way to make it happen.

Also, tonight for dinner we baked some tofu and broccoli and yellow peppers and smothered them in homemade peanut sauce. And it was good. And if you want my recipe for peanut sauce, just message me and I'll give it to you. Or post it on the blog. Or something.

What did you guys have for dinner? Hey, I'm just nosy. And I like food. Also, what looks are you digging for spring?


  1. You look so cute, I'm loving the purple. S is doing a fab job! Look at us, takin pics outside of our apartments. BRANCHIN' OUT, I TELL YOU.

    Things I made this week:
    Tofu scramble (variation of this recipe )
    Mexican lasagna ( )
    and Spinach Pie (based on this: )

  2. I miss cooking! I need to try something new. I haven't tried a new recipe in weeks. I wonder if the husband would eat peanut sauce.. probably not. It does sound good though, I like unique things like that. loving the purple skirt! Also loving your natural lighting shots - very cool!

  3. i made maki rolls with 3 types of bell peppers, shredded carrots, green onions & cucumbers. also pasta with crock-potted artichoke & tomato basil sauce. i love crock pot cooking something fierce.

  4. I love this outfit and your face. i strongly believe that scrunch face is one of the best faces a gal can make.

    I was traveling so I just had room service for dinner, it was a'ight. I'd prefer to have made something delicious with peanut butter!

  5. Beautiful location! I LOVE those gorg!

  6. Your crazy and wonderful and if you keep talking about food, I'm going to need to visit your blog while I am eating to avoid the cravings...

    I love shift dresses and cork shoes. I can't wait to see more of Buffalo.
    It looks lovely. I will be sure to tell you all about my Chipotle adventure.

  7. you are too gorgeous, dear! AND HELL YEAH. season 3 of the gilmore girls is the best. i mean, you got hottie milo ventimiglia. rory gets less passive and more sassy. and she gets into the top ivy league schools! your boyf sounds awesome. he has excellent taste in seasons of gilmore girls and takes some loooovely pictures of you :)

    and gosh darnit, when are restaurants going to put peanut sauce on everything? because they need to. i could drink that stuff with a straw.