Monday, April 25, 2011

i gave in

So. This weekend Lexie informed me that she is being harassed by various and sundry people who are making her promise that she will make me get a Twitter? GUYS. Why did you put Lexie on the case? Did you know that's she's like one of those alligators? Like, when her jaws clamp down on an idea they don't let up again. (Lex, don't be mad that I just compared you to an alligator. You are the prettiest alligator.)

So, I haven't hopped on that train quite yet you guys, but I did finally get invited to Pinterest today and I am so obsessed. So obsessed, guys. If you have one, follow me. You get to see me obsessively posting about my love of baby elephants and Justin Townes Earle. It's revolting and great.

I haven't posted about weekend yet, but Lex did. Follow the link above and observe on how she is better at documenting weekends and operating on no sleep than I am.


  1. I got four hours of sleep last night (for the reasons we were discussing on Saturday night/Sunday morning). I should probably not keep doing this.

    Also, an alligator? Really, Elle. Good thing I like animal print.


  2. I guess the tiger's out of the bag.


  3. Uh, you guys are so cute its kinda gross. Thoroughly enjoyed Lexie's post...wierdly, I didn't realize you guys were friends in real world!?

    Oh, twitter. To be honest, I kind of hate it...but you I find entertaining, so I might have to change my curmudgeonly mind about that.

  4. Yes, get a twitter! Because the only thing I really need in life is more ways to follow you. (Creepy?) And I just followed you on Pinterest, yay!

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  5. I always look for you on twitter, and I'm glad to hear that you don't have one and aren't just hiding from me. I'll look for you on pinterest!!

  6. oh goooooood, pinterest is my crack. it really is. i was doing so well not going on it for the last four days, BUT NOW. oh now, i must pinterest once again.

    yo but you should seriously get a twitter. i feel as if the world would benefit from your sass, mah dear. :)