Thursday, April 14, 2011

bison dip

heels- thrifted
skirt- thrifted
tee- h&m
necklace- h&m

Does anyone else feel naked without tights?! I wore this skirt to work approximately a bajillion times (okay, or more like three) this winter and didn't think twice about it, but I wore it to work today and totally skeezed myself out when I made one of my 5o4,857,037 trips to the bathroom and caught sight of myself in the mirror. (I break up my day by getting multiple cups of coffee from the kitchen and fixing myself various cups of herbal tea. It keeps me entertained and hydrated but also ensures that everyone thinks I have some kind of bizarre bladder disorder. Ironically, it would be more awkward to explain that I don't actually have a bladder disorder because how do you bring up a topic like that? So I just let people think it.)

These yellow shoes are actually really uncomfortable because they're a little too small, but I suffer for them because OHMYGOD THEY ARE BRIGHT YELLOW.

The Sabres are in some kind of bigdealfuntimesplayoff game or some shizz tonight, so I am currently surrounded by boys who are wearing cutoff jorts (?) (Why is it okay when I do it but REALLY NOT OKAY when boys do it?) and eating chips and yelling at the TV. They all invited themselves over. How many beer bottles is this chick going to have to rinse out in the morning?

The answer is so many. So freaking many. But it's okay because I love them all immensely.

Also, it was nice out today. Discuss.


  1. You look incredibly adorable (as per usual).

    I miss being in central/western NY during playoff season. So much beer, junk food, and cheering (or yelling in Buffalo's case). Have fun <3


  2. Cutoff jorts...gross!! Well, gross on boys, that is, never gross on you!

    I love your bright yellow shoes, of course!!

    If I looked good in a short skirt, I would totally rock it like you do too. Last weekend, I wore shorts and almost blinded everyone at my nephew's soccer game...I need a tan!

  3. Something weird is happening because I haven't thought about jorts in months.. and today two of my daily reads mentioned them. (see: Very strange. I think it's a sign.

    Totally agree the yellow flats are worth the pain.. amazing. Great outfit all around except I learned yesterday short skirts just make me uncomfortable - I'm always tugging on them to make them longer!

    Any hey, easy on the caffeine! haha

  4. Love this, and I can see why you're in love with those ballet flats! SO loving that they are bright yellow!! Hehe, love your multiple cups of coffee + tea. I do the same thing, love the little breaks. xx veronika

  5. Soooo cuteeee, Elle!

    I'm still wearing tights. it's cold.


  6. I'm still wearing tights too. Even when it's 90 degrees in July, I still feel compelled to wear tights. Maybe it's because my legs are so pale I'm afraid I'll blind people =X =O

  7. YES, I def feel that way about bare legs, I mean tights do such a nice job of smoothing everything out and reigning everything in. I think I'm going to have to go all full skirted once it's no tights weather here. And I suffer through hell for yellow flats like those..

  8. i love neutrals with color accents. i feel your pain...i wear shoes that are too big/small/high for the same reasons.

  9. Or Elle, your co-workers think you have a drug problem and talk about it behind your back while your tea steeps.