Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I feel like we read the kind of post I'm about to write periodically: Someone doesn't post for a while, comes back, claims to feel burnt-out on blogging, uninspired, frustrated. Some people make their livelihood of this, yes, but for me and for a lot of you, it's just a hobby. So why do we burn ourselves out over it?

I think it's because a lot of you are like me. So many of the blogs I love are written by girls who remind me of me, and I think maybe we have the same problems. I could be wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we're all perfectionists, that we love the feeling of a job well done, that we'd all rather stay up until 3am than leave a loose end. And putting that much effort into something that's supposed to be fun can be exhausting, right? For me, this not only encompasses the daily mechanics of running a blog, but the whole style part of it as well. Should I be shopping more? Should I be shopping less? Are stripes in? What about florals? Should I be mixing my patterns? Do I need more accessories?

On one hand, this is great. There are a lot of looks I wouldn't have been pushed to try if I hadn't had blogging as a way to guinea-pig them. I probably never would have actually worn my fur coat outside, or even experimented with something as basic as skinny belts. However, there was also a lot of self-imposed pressure I was feeling to use more accessories and make outfits crazier so they'd be more "blog-worthy." Do you guys do this? I know, for me, the key to my aesthetic is simple, simple, simple. I don't like crazy, I don't like cluttered. I would find myself putting together outfits I didn't even like and getting frustrated, or getting really down on myself when I was tired before work and I put something together that I didn't love. And where's the joy in that?

The thing is, this was all on me. This wasn't blogging, this was how I felt about me. It's not like people were leaving me comments saying, "PILE ON MORE NECKLACES OR I'M GOING TO STOP FOLLOWING YOU." I had to take a step back and realize that you guys don't want to see the same "trendy" look over and over any more than I want to dress that way. If I dress in a way that aesthetically pleases me, ultimately that's going to make for the best post, no matter what.

I had to sit myself down and think about what I really like, outfit-wise and not. What kinds of blogs do I like? What street style shots do I copy onto my desktop and file away carefully? Which blogs' updates do I get really, really excited about?

The answer's kind of obvious, but I love blogs that have a specific focus. For example, even though money is a touchy subject, I really like Kimmie and Alyson's frank posts on budgeting. I get excited for Emily and Bekah's posts because I like getting peeks of their sweet pups. Like everyone else, I love hearing what the Chics have to say about the academic side of fashion. It's not about finding a gimmick, but rather about loving and being interested both in what you're wearing and what you have to say.

So. This novel being written, I'm going to just say that my little bloggy space might be undergoing some changes soon. And also that I'm going to put up an outfit tomorrow. Not today, though, because I looked like a grandma in what I wore today.

And, also, I freakin' missed you guys.


  1. Yeah, Elle's back! Missed your post with our without pictures and with our without accessories.

  2. I was starting to wonder where you'd been! Missed your name popping on on my blogroll. Totally agree.. it can be stressful when you feel uninspired but still want to post. And yes.. I think florals and stripes are in.. but who cares about that anyway.. if you like it - rock it! And yeah.. I think we are all perfectionist freaks. haha

  3. Definitely guilty of perfectionism, and I share the sentiments of the other ladies when I say Welcome back, little miss!


    Also, I think you should get a twitter. So that even when you don't post, I can harass you with words, 140 characters at a time.

  4. Thanks for being authentic, Elle. I think you're right, that a lot of people feel like you do. I know I have. Sometimes I think it's weird that my style has changed since I started a fashion blog. I'm more bold with what I wear--sometimes a little crazy. I like it, and it's still "me," but sometimes the ideas don't come easy to me and I just want to not care. In that case, I make my husband guest post for me :)


    And yeah, I am so much more critical about what I wear now, too. I'm guilty of posting less frequently post-30for30 because I feel like that sucked any and all creativity out of me and now I'm back to Minimalist Lexie. But I'm hoping it's because just we're in a seasonal transition and I'm having trouble adjusting. Yeah, that sounds about right. Blame it on the weather.


  6. Aw, we missed you too!! And I think you should totally post pics of you dressed like a grandma! :) I think you can dress in whatever you want and you will always look effortlessly adorable.

    I totally know what you mean about blogging though. After the 30/30 in the fall and then Christmas, I just needed a break. And then the break ended up being 2 months because of other celebrations and basically just life. But I also felt like I had to post pics of outfits even though my blog isn't solely about fashion. I just didn't know what to post anymore.

    But I am 100% with you on this...if it's for a hobby, we should treat it like that. I am now just posting fun stuff I like. Sometimes I just add a pic or 2 or something I wore during the week. But I don't post it every day b/c I don't want to take pics of outfits every day and edit them cuz that would just be exhausting!

    So just blog when you want to and just make sure it's always something you're interested in and not feeling pressured to do. I think the 30/30 made me feel loads of pressure to accessorize all the time too, so it was hard to get out of that mentality.

    Ok, this is super long, but I'll just end by saying that I'm glad you're back! :)

  7. Aaah, I've missed you Elle! But I totally agree that if blogging becomes a chore, it's really not worth doing. I've definitely been there with debating on whether or not an outfit is 'blog-worthy' and that's partly why I only post 2-3x a week anymore.

    PS. If you don't start wearing more necklaces I'm going to stop following you.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  8. I seriously just wrote the longest comment and then it got deleted!!! :(
    Summary: You're great. I feel the pressure too. Being a perfectionist can be tough. It's always good to take a step back and re-focus. I'll always be excited to see your posts whether you're in haute couture or a tee and shorts - with no accessories - yeah, that's right, I like you for you :)

  9. yay, you're back! i missed you & i still think of you every time i put sparkly tights on.

    i agree with you on so many things here - we should all stay true to ourselves, especially. if you really want to try something, try it once. if you hate it, be done with it!

  10. You are speaking to me, woman. I put RIDICULOUS pressure on myself, I hate that I do that (pressure now to stop pressuring myself...and the cycle continues). I have to say I love your blog b/c of your personality, also your body is HOT. Kidding (maybe). So ya know, do whatever the hell you want, I'll love it, and we all know that's all that matters. ;)

  11. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. Sometimes I just want to wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but then I'm like "oh, then I can't blog about it, and I'm not challenging myself enough" and then I end up dressing up more for my blog than for myself.

    Anyway, missed you lots. Can't wait to see your pretty face again. :)