Wednesday, March 16, 2011

you look perfect and i look BAD

boots- modcloth
tights- walmart
dress- ASOS
blazer- the goodwill

The last two posts confused me so much, guys. Everyone kept asking why I was such a creep and had binoculars on my windowsill.

"Binoculars?" says I. "What binoculars would my fellow bloggers possibly be talking about?"

And then I looked more closely and realized that, when supine, the PlayStation Move controllers look just like I'm a huge creep and like staring into hospital windows. Well played, all.

In other news, I had a pretty awful night of sleep last night, so today I went for an unbelted dress and a blazer that feels like a hoodie. And I wondered if I could get away with wearing boots to work and then found out that I could.

Oh, and in these pictures I'm not looking at the camera. I don't know if you all noticed. Usually I'm avoiding the camera for no reason, but this time I'm waching Zach Garliflankis host SNL. And it's funny. And it's where my post title is from. Kaboom kabam.


  1. I usually see if I can get away with wearing certain things to work by simply wearing them to work, too. Score for you!

  2. I once wore Bermuda shorts to work, and about a month later, a system-wide memo went out that pants had to be closer to the ankles than the knees. My bad!

  3. Oh I know the feeling, last night kicked my butt too. It is a brutal feeling to get dressed for work knowing how rough it's going to be. On the plus side you look casual, but super duper cute and well put-together! Hooray for relaxed offices!

    also, zack g. was pretttty funny this snl

  4. hahaha i really like the poetic license you took with the spelling of his last name.

    and those bootz! fave!

  5. these boots are super hot. i'm jealous!
    and just come to memphis now and we can go to museums and watch snl and find sparkles and ruffles to wear to a tea party with ozzy.

    okay i promise im totally normal, but the above statement does not reflect this.

    i'm gonna start the weekend now! cheers! :)

  6. I LOVED his monologue. I was going crazy guffawing at the monitor. It's not a pretty sight.

    Glad you explained that first photo up there, I was like WHAT THE EFF IS ELLE DOING, lol. Ok not a creepo. Got it.

  7. That's so funny about the binoculars. I no longer judge you for being a creeper. Also love the outfit, comfy ones are the best!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  8. I lurve this look. And the pictures - you look like you are having a blast. I'm going to start watching tv during my pictures, too.
    And. A blazer that feels like a hoodie? Yes please. That would be like a bowl of veggies that taste like chocolate....hmmm...

    The Auspicious Life

  9. Oh, and we thought you've gone all emo! :P Hahaha. And by the way, that blazer = best thrift find ever. So unique!


  10. oh my dear, i just found your blog from the lovely rose's blog. um, best decision ever. not only did i get your z-gali reference (let's just pretend that was cool), but you basically dress how i wish i could dress (and i just end up looking accidentally hipster). i'm a fan.