Saturday, March 12, 2011


bodysuit- f21
tights- new york & company
skirt- caché via the goodwill
oxfords- etsy
earrings- h&m

Oh, hi.  Just me and the most fabulous of pookumses, stopping by to say hello.  Isn't she adorable?  She didn't want to look at the camera, but I said, "Baby, now is your time to shine!"  But she still wouldn't listen, so I had to hold her head up, which is why the last picture makes it look like she has one wonky eye.  Poor baby.

So, as you can possibly guess, I went home for the weekend.  It was a long car ride and I forgot my adaptor tape at home (Helloooo, 2002), but I found NPR on the radio and it was all gravy.  I did some laundry, cleaned out my car, and picked up some stuff I need.  And hung out with my family, which is obviously the best part.

In case I hadn't mentioned it before, my parents are both super talented.  As in, they can make stuff with their hands.  My mom did the costumes and Dad did the sets for my old high school's musical.  It premiered last night, and Dad and I are going to the show tonight.  Mom is going to be there, too, obviously, but she'll be backstage wrangling irritating teens into period costumes.  I personally think I got the better end of the deal.

In other news, what you see here is the Best Bargain Ever, aka the leather skirt I got for $1.00 at the Goodwill.  Feast your eyes.  And then tell me whether you think bodysuits are okay or not.  I think I'm a fan, but that could be my dance background talking.  Boyf thinks the fact that they snap at the crotch is creepy.  He might have a point.  Thoughts?


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeetta!!!

    I totally don't like your dog more than I like you. Really.
    I just think she's super cute. But not cuter than you. Obviously. Duh.
    But pretty damn cute.

    And that skirt is awesome. I have jealousy.

  2. When I'd go home to visit Momma and Daddy (and the cat pookems), who lived 3.3 miles away, I'd wear flip flops and sweats. You look FAB!

    So glad you got a nice, productive day at home. And glad you're spending some great time with the folks; they sound as sweet and fun as you!

  3. i'm all about the dollar leather skirt, and bodysuits are a-ok in my book. i also have a li'l bit of dance experience, but i'm used to both the snaps, and the zip-up-the-backs

    how was the play? what's the name of it?

  4. holy cow-- literally, the skirt is rockin; and i'm happy you got to see your parents! and the PUPPY! you know, i know a little black puppy who thinks she's pretty too!

  5. Why can't I ever find anything for $1 at the Goodwill. I always manage to pick up the $14.99 items that came from Target.

    Bodysuits are both fabulous and creepy at the same time.

  6. Aww. Turns out I really miss this door and your dog! Ha.