Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the people's key

flats- rocket dogs
jeans- forever21
teeshirt- walmart
vest- penney's
necklace- etsy

Guys. I am a delinquent blogger. I say this every time. BUT BUT BUT! I quit my horrible job on Monday because I got offered a brand spankin' NEW job with new, NICE people this past Friday! You guys, I am so excited I can barely express it. Walking out of that crazy office for good? Best feeling ever. I'm filling out all my new employee info for My New Job, and there's definitely nothing there requiring me to wear heels every day. Though I'm sure I could toss them in every once in a while if I felt like it. :)

I don't start until Monday, so I'm bumming around the apartment for now. I'm thinking of going home and seeing the fam for a couple days.

Also, today the Boyf and I went to the gourmet market with a gift card and we got rose hip jam, havarti dill cheese, Mardi Grad salad, and Wasa crispbread. And then we went home and partied like it was 1999, y'all.


  1. MARDI GRAS!!!
    I'm leaving Friday to go visit family and celebrate Mardi Gras. We'll be in Louisiana until Ash Wednesday. Enjoy that salad, and go see your parents; they probably miss you :)

    P.S. CONGRATS! on the spankin' new job!

  2. Thank goodness!!! Congrats on the new job!!

  3. 1) That's my kind of meal. Please tell me you washed it all down with wine?!

    2) That's awesome you got a new job and even better that you don't have to go back to Looney Town. Hope your first day is good and you only have minimal awkward new girl moments.

  4. ANOTHER new job!! Man, you are sought after, missy! Congrats! I did enjoy seeing you work with your new dress code though - it was fun to see corporate Elle and picturing everyone else eyeing you over.

    The Auspicious Life

  5. Thank heaven. That place sounded wieeeeeeerd.

  6. I love ya face. (especially in that second pic)


    And yay for quitting. that job sounded insane. Good luck with the new job! :)

    Oh, so I guess Seattle got voted most miserable sports city in the US, and they were talking about it on the radio this morning, and saying that Buffalo was number 4. But they were like, "at least we don't have to live in Buffalo. OUCH!" and I totally thought of you. Hope you're staying warm! :)

  8. ahhhh I am so happy you are a delinquent blogger too! I've been slightly lazy, slash not lazy at all because life is nut-so.

    I am SO EXCITED that you found a new, better, non-crazy-inducing, job.
    I love this outfit btw, it's such a great outfit for going to markets or going on errands; you're casual but it's all puled together so well!

  9. Congrats, friend! You deserved to get out of that crazy place!

  10. I love that key necklace, soo unique and cute. Congrats on the new job! Sounds like you needed a new work environment, happy for you!

  11. Yay! I'm so excited for you, I was seriously worried for your sanity at that place. By the way, I love that necklace!

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