Monday, March 7, 2011

oh, just vloggin'

Please excuse my double chins, slurry speech, and some of the questionable garments I bought today. Also, I promise I'm not stupid, I just say "super" way too much in real life.

In other news: ZOMG FACETIME! What's up, guys? :)


  1. Things I love:
    seeing your face/hearing your voice
    those yellow pumps
    the red skirt
    being ironic and still looking okay

    The LEATHA is fab. Good work!

  2. ohmygosh i LOVE the shoes and the leather skirt. and the blue tights you were wearing. and that you were drinking seltzer water and being a grown up. YA SO CUTE.

  3. hahahaha i love the video. and how you keep sweeping your bangs to the side. and booooobies in mah face when you stand up. and random whistling in the background. and shorts on the ground when you pan to your shoes.

    $1 day at Goodwill?!?!?! I'm soooo jealoussss. WHY DOES OUR GOODWILL NOT HAVE THAT?!?!!111

    I love the lace shirt and LEATHER SKIRT. OMMMMG

  4. i love. i love. i love. i love. i love!
    the lace shirt is my ultimate fave. and the high waisted pants are SO adult.
    You rocked some pretty good deals-- I'm proud!
    and I just adored the whole vlog. And the next time I grab some thrifted deals, I am going to do the same thing! It's fab, and I always love getting to see bloggers (esp. my faves) do vids!
    Best post ever.

  5. You got the most amazing pieces and deals! I have been itching to go thrifting! I think the thrift stores near me have 50% off clothing on wednesdays, but you're $1 day is definitely better!

  6. I love this video! I'm almost tempted to do one now but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be as cute as you are.

    Also, I would probably go crazy if everything was a dollar. I'd come home with a lot of ugly sweaters for sure, just because they were a dollar. The red skirt, leather skirt, and yellow shoes are my faves, can't wait to see how you wear them all ironically, but still looking okay.

    Also, I need to get me some seltzer water.

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  7. Yes - vlog! Love a good vlog. So fun and cute! Would you have still posted it if you fell off the chair one of those times? haha. Love the high-waisted pants! score.

  8. Yayy! I loved "meeting" you. Your vlog was super awesome and kept me company while I got my hair and face ready for work this morning! You made out like a bandit! Yellow shoes and leather skirt were definitely my favourite, although I'm also partial to the white blouse with the mandarin collar.

    Such a great way to show off new buys! annnnd hilarious about the tights and providing that extra layer of protection - never would have thought of it.

  9. what other theories do you have about what it takes to be an adult? i have "owning a vegetable peeler" on my list, but thats all that comes to mind! - jill