Monday, March 14, 2011

i are an adult

shoes- urban outfitters
dress- etsy
blazer- goodwill
pearls- sierra trading post

I got up early today, wore a blazer, went to work and did my taxes. Guys, I am just a 401K plan away from real adulthood. Should I be proud or scared?

The good thing is that both governments decided I'd been too impoverished during 2010 to tax me and gave me some money out of pure sympathy instead.

...That's how it works, right?


  1. Questions. 1. Where are the pearls? 2. Are those binoculars? (for spying out your window) and 3. Do you play guitar? Oh and the outfit is cute too :) Watch out for the 401K.. it's all downhill from there!

  2. Ha! The first thing I thought was, creeper (because of the binoculars). And then, I thought I bet no one else noticed it. And then, I read Rachel's comment.

    Oh man, I started my 401K in October. I knew it made me old...

  3. I can't think of an original comment, because I can only agree with the girls above me and ask pearls? creeper?

    Also I need to do my taxes, but I'm only getting $34 dollars back this year so I'm not very motivated.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  4. Proud of you, Miss Elle.
    You are, like, my adult inspiration.
    I hope they accept ruffles and sparkles in the workplace.

    matters of merrymaking

  5. LOVE, your beautiful lace dress, that colour is absolutely gorgeous & oh, so lovely on you. As for the 401K -sounds smart to me, and you are FAR from old. xx veronika

  6. Aw, our little girl is all grown up! J/k. ;)

    You look seriously cute and polished in this outfit, go you!!