Thursday, February 24, 2011

work clothes

shoes- pierre dumas via endless
tights- walmart
skirt- old navy via goodwill
top- ASOS

Hey guys. Work is kicking my butt. I'm still training and my job isn't hard, but getting up early and driving for so long every day are killing me. And I don't even get up that early!

This skirt is awesome because it is super comfy and was super cheap and has pockets. And these shoes are awesome because I'd been wearing flats to work and getting dirty looks from everyone for not being fancy enough, so now everyone is relieved that I'm not going to get yelled at for being a frump.

Also, the shoes are awesome because they are cute and were cheap. I probably should have mentioned that first, huh?

I'm super sorry I haven't been keeping up with comments. I only work thirty hours a week, but let's just say the environment there is stressing me out a ton. Hopefully things will be changing soon, but I don't want to say too much for fear of jinxing it.

I went shopping today with Girl Roomie. She starts her new job on Monday, so we were supposed to get work clothes. We got some nice things from Loft and New York & Co., but then we kind of got deviated and went to Forever 21 and Urban. Oops?

However, at my job the boss would rather have us dressed a little skanky but definitively feminine than be all covered-up, professional, and slightly androgynous. I know, I know. It makes me super uncomfortable, but at least I can justify my shopping binge this way?

Oof, y'all. How do grown-ups do it?


  1. Hey, man. I feel you. I've been kinda internetlame too lately but sometimes the world just does not LET UP.

    And WOW. You look incredible in this outfit. Every piece is working hard for your body.

  2. LOVE those shoes! Hope you're at least enjoying the experience of your job. It kinda sounds a like a buzzkill though :(

  3. Whoa. You nearly gave me a heart attack with those shoes. They are too amazing for words...

    I hope your job stress gets better!!!

  4. I ran into Kristen Gentry today - I believe she mentioned that a high "square-heeled" shoe is easier to walk in than a regular high heel? My terminology may be off; I'm afraid I don't speak fluent shoe...

  5. Skirts with pockets - awesome. It looks great! I love your tights.. I looked for tights at walmart the other day and they didn't have any good colors :/ I work at home now and while it's amazing most of the time I actually somewhat miss that 'wake-up' time listening to music and thinking in the car on the way to the office. So just think of that part ;)

  6. NY and Co. is one of my favorites for professional clothes! I actually find a lot at F21 too though!


  8. Ahh those shoes are AMAZING. Seriously, I WANT!

  9. Fwaw. Those shoes. Lerf.

    I too find a SHOCKING amount of my work clothes at F21. They are especially good for little silk blouses and teensy jackets.

    P.S. Did you find a duvet cover? Because maybe I found one for you. Is that creepy? Maybe a little?

  10. Oh Man, your work sounds crazy. Dressing skanky is better than professional? Uhh okay. If you're constantly meeting with clients and stuff it's understandable, but for a regular office job, I don't think the boss should be that strict about the dress code. It IS a regular office job, right?

  11. I think those shoes make-up for any slacking your doing on the commenting end.

  12. Erm, your email address is not working. So. You should email ME and I will send you pictures!

  13. First of all, I love those shoes! I've been on the hunt for heels that are that exact color! Secondly, your boss confuses me. Skanky > Professional? I don't get it. You look way cute though.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  14. Must say - LOVE these shoes. Even though you must wear them for evil reasons, they are beautiful.

  15. The shoes are certainly not skanky but they are quite horny! Is that evil Sorren?

    In Britain we do not worry as much as you Americans do about sex appeal. Basically it is OK in Britain for women from all social classes to dress in a sexually appealing way as long as it is their own choice to do so.

    Thus in post-feminist Britain, if women choose to dress to attract a mate or to get noticed by clients and management and thus manipulate their own success and career, that is up to them.

    So what about women who don't want to play those games? That also is up to them! Women are individuals, just as men are, and once the culture and supporting equality laws have been won by coming together in a common cause, you don't get ahead personally by being constrained by notions of consensus from a highly disparate collective, - that is Socialism! Life is hard enough these days without dragging around others' 'ball and chains'

    Mike Martlet ;-)