Wednesday, February 2, 2011


boots- l.l. bean
jeans- f21
tee- hot topic
blazer- goodwill
earrings- urban outfitters
glasses- warby parker

So I woke up this morning and was disappointed to see practically no snow. What the heck is this? But over the course of the day it's picked up and now it's practically blizzarding outside. I'm excited to go clean my car off, see if the battery held a charge overnight, and move it to the other side of the road. Woo, urban living!

This is one of the blazers I picked up at Goodwill yesterday. One man's trash, eh? It's a really soft, knit material and it feels like a sweatshirt more than a blazer. Also, huge pockets! You know how I love pockets. But honestly, who doesn't?

This morning I watched SVU with my roommates and the Boyf. We have the seasons on Netflix. Roomates and I spend about 80% of our time watching it, especially since Girl Roomie and I are unemplyed. Then Girl Roomie and Boy Roomie some P90X while I watched and was grateful that I was not doing P90X. It's the little things.


  1. Do the yoga. It's SO GOOD. The instructor does a little too much coke though...

  2. Ok, so your blog as been adorable lately (absence of Etta notwithstanding), I just haven't had time to comment! So this covers about 4 posts, ok?

    What was your adventurous interview outfit going to be??!!? Must. Know.

    Your head + a scarf = hell yes.

    My mom can spend all day on Pet finder. that's how we ended up with Sophie and Fannie, better known as Little Bit and The Interloper.

    I want to steal your blazer. And your snow. Also, I don't understand the parking on different sides of the street thing at all.

    I'm pretty sure that sums it up! <3

  3. Oh, yeah. Also, Conor Oberst, Conor Oberst, Conor Oberst! Squeee!

  4. That blazer that looks so soft and cozy like a cardigan is wonderful. Gret find!
    Stay warm out there!
    The Auspicious Life

  5. i need this entire outfit. ok thanks :)

  6. Whoa, do you live with a giant? Is that how you got that first shot? Crazy. Like it. Ditto for the man's trash blazer :D

  7. Your boots + blazers is so adorable!

  8. Your blog is adorable and I Iove your sense of style. It's so unique!

    xx THE CHEAP