Tuesday, February 1, 2011

that girl

boots- modcloth
tights- we love colors
dress- urban outfitters
vest- thrifted
scarf- vintage

When I first moved to Buffalo, I was complaining to my roommate's friend, who is a lifelong resident, about how the snow, ice, and salt here constantly kept me from wearing all my cute shoes. "I don't want to be that girl who wears her snow boots everywhere she goes," I complained.

My roommate's friend had nodded, and then he said, "Yeah. But you could either be that girl who wears her snow boots a lot, or you could be that girl who is slipping and sliding all over the sidewalk."

These are not my snow boots. Today, I was that girl whose legs swept out from under her and landed on her ass in the snow. In front of my apartment building. And an entire line of cars. Don't worry, folks, it's just my ego.

PS- Boyf made me take the last picture and he also made me smile. "But it's the back of my head," I said.

"Smile," Boyf said. "They'll know if you don't."


  1. I must say, S has some serious outfit picture-taking skills.

  2. i lovelovelove this outfit. and the pictures. and the shelving by the window.

  3. Oh I love your scarf. I always want to do that with mine but chicken out.

  4. Hope you were okay after the fall!

    I don't own any snow boots, so I just wear my shoes with the most tread on the bottom... I'm lucky I haven't slipped and fallen yet! (then again, we only get like 3 days of snow a year)

    Love that the boyf is now photographer! yeah!

  5. I'm that girl too!!! *fist bump*
    Also, I planning on doing that with a scarf very soon!!!!<-moar exclamation.
    P.S.I love "they'll know if you don'"t - you got one witty boyf :)


  6. I love everything about his outfit! I love the combination of grey and brown with the splash of blue. so great.

    also, great; how your boyfriend made you smile for your back of head shot. Jack totally makes me do that stuff too, I'm happy someone else has someone so hilarious too.

  7. Love the vest, love the scarf!
    PS Wear the snow boots, carry the cute shoes. Better safe than sorry, right?
    The Auspicious Life