Thursday, February 17, 2011

just sayin'

I was gonna blog today but...
I have work tomorrow.
Yeah you heard me.
Before you all get too excited, it's just a temporary job.
Here's the catch though;
Tomorrow is 'jeans day' at the office I'm going to.
"Okay," I said to the girl on the phone, when she told me.
"Nice jeans," she said.
"Absolutely no rips or tears," she said. "No fraying."
"Right," I said, because this is kind of a no-brainer, you know?
"And you have to wear heels," she said.
"What?" I said.
"Closed-toe heels," she said. "If you wear open-toe, you have to have had a pedicure within the last week."
Um? I understand looking nice, but to qualify pedicures like that? Am I a geisha? Should I bring a fan with me too?
"I can't wear nice flats?" I said.
"On jeans day, we have to wear heels," she said. "And a nice top. Absolutely no tee-shirt material. And do you have a blazer?"
"Yes?" I said.
"You should wear the blazer," she said. "And a scarf. Silk, if you have it. And jewlery. And makeup."
"Okay," I said.
"Make sure you have makeup on," she said.
"Gotcha," I said.
"It's important that you wear makeup," she said.


Jesum crow, you guys. At this rate the job isn't going to be an excuse to go shopping. I'm going to have to wear a red lip every goddamn day just for my job security.

I spent the afternoon making my downstairs neighbors hate me by clomping around in my only black patent heels in order to remind myself what they're like. Finding an outfit that fit her exact qualifications was tricky. A nice shirt with a blazer with a scarf?! Can I please call the "too much" police?

I'll post the outfit tomorrow. Looking forward to it! Are you all pumped?

This is unrelated, but funny:

This is unrelated, but terrifying:


  1. the baby peeing doll reminds me of this.

    equally as weird/terrifying.

  2. I'm LOLing so hard right now... I know you know why. <3

  3. That freaks me out. What is this job, the fashion CIA? I mean, can a job actually require you to have heels and get pedicures? Or was this chic just on an obscene power trip? I can hear her maniacal chuckle now.

    Haha. I just made that nice girl completely paranoid aver her work wardrobe.

    Then again, my board meetings for the museum are held at a c. 1920s ladies club, and they DON'T LET YOU IN if you are wearing pants. So. There's that.


  4. ummm seriously!?!?

    That's crazy. What's the point of "jeans" day if you have to wear heels and a nice top and blazer AND silk scarf?!! INSANE.

  5. WTF? That ridiculous! But, having just looked at your jean day outfit, you did a very fine job of (1) dressing and (2) following directions.

    I'd have shown up with a blue pedi, you know.

  6. No, no she did not tell you all that crap? The boss MUST be a man.

    I swear you should have responded, "I have a fashion blog b, I know how to dress."

    I can't wait until your done with that temp job and you can tell us all what crazy company you're at.

  7. Work?!! Yippeeeeeeee! Congrats! I snuck a peek at the outfit you chose. Well done! You look fashionable and well within the rules (which are ridiculous, by the way).

    The Auspicious Life

  8. those rules are cRaZy for jeans day. wowzers.