Tuesday, February 15, 2011

je reviens

boots- harley davidson
tights- we love colors
shorts- thrifted
jersey- some store in copenhagen
blazer- thrifted

Today is my day for wearing things I almost never wear. I had an interview this morning and wore a boring, boring outfit, so when I came home, I wanted to wear something different. I was rifling through my drawers, trying to find a shirt, when my eye caught this jersey. It's a soccer jersey, from when my family visited Denmark in 2006. I love it, but I almost never wear it because I'm never sure how to incorporate something so sporty into my wardrove. I've almost given it away so many times, but then stopped because of its sentimental value. I've been addicted to this blazer lately (I've officially decided to keep the shoulder pads in. Obsessed.) so that went on top. And what would my outfit be without shorts and tights?

Looking at my photos, I've realized that I have a lot of black leather shoes that lace up. My oxfords, my lace-up boots, these motorcycle boots... I guess I know what I like? I've had these boots since high school. Dad got them for me for Christmas my senior year, but flare jeans were "in" and tights weren't. That, coupled with my natural awkwardness, meant that I never knew how to wear these, and so I almost never did. Thank gravy I kept them, though. They have the most glorious lug sole. It's on, Buffalo weather! Bring it.

Boyf and I went to the bookstore and got coffee today. Then he watched the computer play Jeopardy. He was a gem to snap these shots of me during the commercial. What did you all do today?

PS- We are not alcoholics. I just live with two boys and we like to recycle, so the bottles hang around for a while. They make a nice backdrop, no?

PPS- My parents read this blog now, to keep up with my new life in Buffalo. Hi, Mom and Dad! I love you :)


  1. i wish! my friend gets a 40% discount at athro, urban outfitter and free people. my dad needs to get that job lol! and yea it's pronounced 'beholden' and the spelling they do is leaving out the vowels. its some play on 'vows'. get it?

  2. haha....you are always too funny girl!

  3. Whatever, alkie. Those boots are some pretty serious business. I like!

    Hi, parents :)

  4. I love that you answered every question I was thinking about this post by the end. It's like you're in my head.

  5. I love love your boots and blazer! So bad ass preppy!

  6. Ok. On it. Um, duvet covers are kinda tricky to find on the cheap, not sure why that is?? I'm kinda with the boyf on this one, but obvs. you have your cute little heart set on putting that comforter in a bag, so....Cynthia Rowly's spring bedding is at Marshalls / TJ Maxx/ et al right now, and there's a couple gorgeous bright swirly patterns. I haven't seen any duvet covers, but I have seen bed-in-a-bags, comforters, and quilts, and who knows what they'll ship to your neck of the woods? Burlington Coat Factory often has beautiful designer linens. Target is launching a new Dwell Studio collection that might have some cheery prints, but that'll be a wee bit more expensive. One thing I've never understood about duvet covers is exactly WHY you are paying $$$ for two sheets stitched together with some buttons, so....

    You could always do what my brilliant young parents did when they were starting out, and buy two printed sheets you love on the cheap, sew them together, and have a seamstress put some button holes in! Heck, even if you take the whole project to a seamstress, it'll still ring in under what you'd pay for a "real" duvet cover. You could even make one with a quilt top and sheet bottom, if you wanna be REAL warm.


  7. fantastic!!!

  8. I love your boots! You can never go wrong with too many pairs of black, lace-up shoes. I have this tendency to believe that black shoes go with everything, so I am fully supportive of your shoe collection. :)

    The collection of beer bottles isn't bad at all! You should see the collection going on in my apartment. When you have 5 people living in one place and we only recycle the bottle once a month, the collection gets a little out of hand.

  9. Harley Davidson boots..totally rockin.

  10. you're so unique with your style and i just love it. i have a soccer sweatshirt from copenhagen, and i feel the same way about it as you do about your jersey! i hardly ever wear it but it's really special to me.

  11. Oh man, I wish I had a pair of awesome lace-up booties that I neglected in high school. Unfortunately, I don't.

    PS: You look SO cool in that soccer jersey + blazer combo.


  12. That's a great way to incorporate a sporty jersey into an outfit! With a blazer, it's classy!



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