Friday, February 4, 2011

in which you can see the view from my window! (it's a hospital)

shoes- urban outfitters
tights- walmart
skirt- ASOS
oxford- old navy
pearls- sierra trading post
glasses- warby parker

YOU GUYS! Today was a much better day. I had one job interview in the morning that went spectacularly better than I had expected, and then, as soon as I got home from the first interview, I got a surprise call from a staffing agency I had put an application in to. The very nice man wanted me to come in "for a chat" in like an hour and a half! Listen, I know calling it a "chat" instead of an "interview" is the oldest trick in the book, but this little lady bought it hook, line, and sinker. And I am not ashamed of that.

On top of that, I executed an awesome parallel park and I am feeling pretty good right now. And I think I might be able to convince Boyf to go out for Thai, since the last time I said I was going to do that we all ended up ordering in calzones instead. Oh, what a bummer...NOT.

As soon as I get a job offer, I am going shopping. I have some great office basics. I have interesting blazers up the ying-yang. (Yes. I just said "ying-yang." I am your embarrassing aunt. Deal, people.) I have skirts and two great, basic dresses. But what I am sorely missing are shirts. Guys, I am just not good at shirts. I think it might come from having big boobs, but half the time my instinct is to hide them under a teeshirt. As a result, my collection of collared shirts is gasping for breath. My big-girl wardrobe rides too much on the pictured oxford. Guys, I was ten pounds heavier when I bought this thing. Also it is like four years old and has sweat stains under the arms.

Long story short, as soon as I get a job I am buying new button-downs that fit. And some of those great stretchy ponte pants from Ann Taylor that these girls are always raving about. And also some sweater tights. Ooh and maybe some of those fleece-lined tights. Oh and maybe some heels that I can actually walk in. BUT THAT'S ALL. I do have my limits, sheesh.


  1. Ok Elle, as adorable as you look, you and Boyf's apartment looks SUPER adorable!

    I love awesome spaces. And congrats on all the interviews! Best of luck to you!

  2. It looks so nice outside your window, and this may be weird, but i always feel safer living close to hospitals. It's not something i look for, or even thought of before i saw your post. BUt now I realize it's true.

    SO. Big boobs, huh? Me too. For reals. I've got the height to hide it a little but they're still there, causing trouble, ruining perfect sizing. I too was afraid of shirts and I definitely prefer high necklines. My point is, take risks, you can find pretty great shirts out there that help to make the whole area more modest. Is this embarrassing I went into so much detail? can be both be embarrassing aunts together? I'll make snickerdoodles.

  3. It's a hospital, lol. Awesome.

    I would hire you !! Except we'd get nothing done but giggle all day at my imaginary company, which if it were Giggle, Inc. would be a huge success. You're adorbalicious.

  4. This is seriouly an adorable interview outfit! You look professional, but in a "I'm going to an interview with a fashion mag".

  5. Fleece lined tights are AMAZINGGGGG. I want to live in mine FOREVAR.

    And outfit is super cute. I cant see the sweat stains so it's all good.

    I WISH I had the problem of big boobs, but alas, I do not :(

  6. This is a wonderful put together, but still youthful look. I'd hire you. Are you this funny when you go in chat?
    I also have a severe lack of button-ups. And white ones? I am sweaty mcsweaterson, so they don't last one...

    The Auspicious Life

  7. I'm so glad you nailed that parallel park. Ha! :)

    And, I am a new collared shirt-wearer. I didn't have any but I just finally bought a few from Old Navy and J.Crew. I don't have big boobs, though, so I can't help you out there.