Friday, February 18, 2011

an homage

The Boyf is at a hockey game with Boy Roomie and Girl Roomie went home for the week. Hence, my profile pictures that remind me of Lexie's blog when she first started out and didn't have a real camera.

You can't really see, but I wore this top from ASOS, these jeans from F21, this scarf from H&M, this belt from Urban, this thrifted blazer, and my only pair of heels. You will all be proud to hear that I made it through the day without falling over and also one of the girls told me that i "dressed real cute." I definitely swapped my heels for my beatup emergency flats as soon as I hit the car. And then I got coffee with my friend and vented about how truly insane my new boss is.

Guys, is this real life? Check, please.


  1. Okay, so yes your new boss sounds nutso, BUT your outfit is super cute!!!!
    I suppose you can't say exactly where you are working, but what industry is it in?? I need to know where this insanity thrives

  2. You did dress real cute. Even notrealcamera shots still carry that across. ESPECIALLY loving the blazerness!

  3. Yeah, your boss IS nutso... but at least it's a job, right?

    You look great, Elle!!!! Hm... I don't know if that scarf is silk. I thought that was the requirement?!!! YOU'RE CHEATINGGGG

  4. Haha I guess I can tell you guys; I work at a staffing agency doing reception. Apparently the day before had been "a bad day" so the morning involved the boss calling each one of the girls into the office and yelling at them so loudly that I could hear her FROM MY RECEPTION DESK. Apparently she uttered such gems as, "If you cry right now, I will fire you."

    The girls kept reassuring me that, "it's not like this every day, we promise!" but then I also discovered that if the phone ever rings more than twice, the boss will march out of her office and scream at whoever is doing reception. Otherwise known as, me. Otherwise known as, you-are-all-dirty-stinking-liars-it-IS-like-this-every-day.

    Oh also, the entire staff consists of pretty white girls under the age of 25. Kind of shady and weird.

    But it's only temporary and it causes Boyf buy me ice cream because he feels so bad for me. Win.

  5. You look great, and I'm glad you found an outfit that met those crazy qualifications! But um, I hope you don't get yelled at everyday now. Like, for not being a clone of all the other girls in the office.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  6. Sorry work was kind of crappy. If it is any consolation you do look really cute. I want that scarf!

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  7. I like this outfit :) The scarf has a great colour on it!


  8. Hehe...emergency flats...I so have those!