Wednesday, February 9, 2011

happy birthday!

coat- vintage
boots- modcloth
tights- we love colors
socks- f21
shorts- thrifted
tank- h&m
top- charlotte russe

Not my birthday, it's Girl Roomie's! I'm excited anyway. We celebrated by getting brunch earlier today and then Coldstone just now. Her boyfriend, Boy Roomie, had the day off from work, too, so we all went out on these little excursions together and it was like a little family holiday. Aw.

Before anyone asks, yes, I am wearing both the same socks and shorts from yesterday. However, I would like to make the argument that two entirely different pairs of tights stood between them and my body on each occasion, and so it's practically as if I never wore them at all.

I finally spotlighted my fabulous fur. It was $15 at the thrift store in my hometown. My dad and his friends were doing some handyman-type stuff in there (fixing a sink, actually), and his freind spotted this coat and said, "Hey, Elle's Dad, wouldn't Elle love this?" So Dad bought it for me. I'm obsessed. It's so soft and honestly I think it's the warmest thing I own.

(I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I know that fur is a controversial issue and all I am going to say is this: I would never buy new fur. But this fur is vintage, so I feel as if it was acceptable for me to buy. My mother was worried that I would attract hordes of people flinging red paint everywhere I went, but as of yet I seem to be safe. Knock on wood.)

The only problem with the coat is some tears in the shoulders. A good furrier ought to be able to sort that out, but I think I need to worry about finding a job before I can focus on finding a furrier. Also, the cut of the coat makes it a little hard to lift my arms, which makes tasks such as driving, scraping off my car, etc., kind of difficult. My bestie Cait says that this is because chicks with fur coats usually have minions to lift their arms for them.

PS- Boyf had a lot of coffee today. He has a lot of coffee every day, but tonight when he was taking my picture he kept shouting commands at me. Commands like, "Show me bewildered fishwife! Anxious bank teller! Now you're a patient longshoreman! Show me aircraft controller with a head cold!" So excuse me if I look a little bewildered, anxious, patient, fluey, etc. I was only following orders.


  1. hahaha your bf is hilarious. when bfs take the photos, sometimes they must be humoured. jack keeps telling me I have to do a toddlers and tiaras themed post, it'll happen sometime.

    I love this lace! and i'm all for re-wearing so don't worry; no judgement here! As for your fur coat, it is so classic! <3 you do look like you should have minions!

  2. happy birthday to your roommate! February seems like a popular month of roommie bdays... i have 2 coming up soon! haha

    I love your lace shirt (i'm such a sucker for all things lace)! I don't think your glasses look costume-y at all. Coming from someone who can't wear contacts, I know how much it sucks to have to wear glasses all the time and I think you work your frames well into all your outfits.

    As for your poses: HAHAHA! I wish I had someone to direct me with ridiculous pose suggestions! Your boyfriend sounds like such a sweetheart-- so great that he helps you out with your blog!

  3. WHOA, Glam Elle! Thrilling. Love how you made the super sweet lace extra bold with them tights. Happy Bday Girl Roomie!

  4. Also, I want Coldstone. Really badly.

    And clearly my photographs are TERRIBLY deceiving because I have been jamming everything I can find down my gullet for the past three weeks.

    That being said, let's get together and have lunch. I miss you.

  5. Aw your dad is so sweet!!!

    and i love your lace shirt. I WANTS IT.

    Your bewildered fishwife picture is awesome (whichever one that is).

  6. So many things to mention
    1) Good work dad and dad's friend
    2) I want your boyf to come shout at me for pictures
    3) Is it bad that I rewear things without a layer of tights in between? Don't answer that if that answer is yes.
    The Auspicious Life

  7. How you look is completely adorable in every picture and outfit!! Totally envious of your cuteness!

    I haven't been on the blogs in a while, so I hope you've been doing well since the holidays! I'll catch up when I can on all your cute outfits and posts.

    Oh and also, I love LOVE brunch!!!!