Tuesday, February 8, 2011


boots- modcloth
tights- f21
socks- f21
dress- ASOS

So yesterday afternoon I finally went to go see Black Swan with Girl Roomie and her friend. And I was totally creeped out because I am such a wimpo, but that's another story. And upon leaving the theatre, I thought to myself, "Tomorrow, I am totally doing a ballerina-inspired outfit. Totally."

And then yesterday evening I went and saw Justin Townes Earle play at a bar. And I was completely stunned and fell in love with him and now I want to marry him, cocaine habit and all, and have lots of insane blue-eyed children who sing. (It's okay, Boyf is on board with this plan.) And I left the bar thinking, "Tomorrow, I am totally doing a Justin Townes Earle-inspired outfit. Totally."

And then this morning, while Girl Roomie and I P90X yoga-ed our little hearts out, Boyf went out on a coffee run and came back saying, "Holy hell. It's like a jillion degrees below zero out there today." And upon taking a shower and staring at my closet I thought to myself, "Okay, so I have to wear something warm today. Totally."

Somehow, those three factors contributed to me wearing tall socks and lace tights. Go figure.

PS- The second-to-last picture is what I look like at my most awkward. The last picture is what I look like when I find my Best Russian Short Stories copy under the couch and start dancing with it. You're welcome.


  1. Cuteness. I wouldn't step one foot outdoors in that weather!

  2. How freaking hot is Mila Kunis. Yes, that is a statement, not a question.

    ps. you're hot too.

  3. Navy, grey and brown; need I say more? Nobody does tall socks and boots better than you.

    Also, I left Black Swan totally believing that I have yet to tap into the ballet within. Well, a month and a bunch of bruises later, I have to find it. Point? I totally get caught up in things too.

  4. You are so beautiful. And skinny. :)

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  6. That movie freaked the bejesus out of me. I wanted to hide my eyes in the fella the whole time, but I went with girlfriends. For some reason they didn't want me curling up on the shoulder while having a freak out.
    You are looking particularly pretty today - not that you don't always you know - I think being in Buffalo is agreeing with you.

  7. Haha funny post! You look great in all of your pictures by the way! Black Swan was the best film I've seen in a long time! But yeah, creepy. How nice of your boyfriend to be on board with your plans to marry Justin Townes Earle! Haha