Monday, February 7, 2011


Blech. I'm going to be honest with you guys; this month has not been good to my body. The combination of stress and a new place and a new routine and Super Bowl Sunday? Let's just say my body was not feeling its most super-model-esque today. It didn't want to let me put clothes on it this morning. It rejected the red mini dress in favor of everything black and knit. So instead of an outfit post, I am going to show you what my apartment looks like! More specifically, my bedroom. Decor, etc! Dinner! Basil plants! Are you guys excited yet?

I'll admit these pictures are not great. Whether this is a result of Boyf being a better photog than me, or my apartment just not being as awesome of a model as I am, I can't be sure. But let's blame it on Apartment's inexpertise. Yes?

Girl Roomie's basil plant!

Instructions on how to turn a new mattress. In case anyone needs to know.

Dinner, in progress. Guess what it is!

Our room! Boyf, reading in a totally normal posture on our bed.

My favorite part of our room. Antique mirror, cheapie Target shelf, knit bear that my mother made for me, accessories, and a lovely photographic print Boyf got me for Christmas.

Bookshelves, jewlery stand, Boyf's desk. Art. A basket wherein I throw random things. Scintillating, I know.

My shoes. The hanger makes the closet hard to close and the shoes make the closet smell like feet. But it's so, so worth it. Otherwise they'd all be on the floor.

PS- I read some blogger the other day who shall remain nameless, and she said she owns forty pairs of shoes and she feels like this is a normal number of shoes to own. Forty! Those are all but three of my pairs of shoes, right there, over the door. I am shoe-poor? How many pairs do you guys own?

Our art of the day. We're so cultered.

Finished dinner! It's a vegan recipe for coconut curried rice. I'm not sure if I liked it, actually. But it sure looks pretty, no?

Boyf got these on a trip to Paris in high school.

Close up of our bookshelf. I just realized these are out of order, but you can tell that this is the bedroom and that the food is the kitchen, right?

Map of the place where we met. :)

Handsome man readin' a book. He told me he would let me take a picture of him if I filled his water bottle. He drives a hard bargain.


  1. HAHHA your boyf is hilarious. For some reason that doesn't look too comfortable. Yes, it's comfortable laying on your tummy, but to have one hand down there holding down the book? That's when you need one of those recipe holder thingys or weights to hold down the pages so your arms can relax :)

    I liked the tour! And I totally know what you mean about the 40 shoes thing. FORTY! I put all my shoes in an ikea bookshelf in the garage so I don't track in dirt and stuff (but it makes it super impossible to think about what shoes to match my outfit with)... Let me see, I think I have 20 pairs of shoes? including my yard work shoes and running shoes and my wedding-shoes-that-i'll-never-wear again. Wait, do flip flops count? Okay. Maybe I have close to 30, so 40 isn't that big of a deal now that I think about it.

  2. Aww...I love your place girl! And your dearie is a doll! And your dinner looks super yummy!

  3. Yay! I'm so happy to have a tour of your apartment, I always try and sneak a peek of the background in your outfit posts. I enjoy your bookshelves, there's just something about bookshelves that makes me so happy when I see them. Also, the way your boyfriend is lying reading on your bed, is so how Jack sometimes reads. Boys are adorable.

    I'm with Kimmie on the shoes, forty is an insane amount of shoes for a regular girl to have. I suppose if I had endless amounts of cash I would definitely be buying as many shoes as humanly possible, but I don't. and I can't. I think I have under 20 wearable, pairs of shoes. There may be a few extra pairs above 20 but they are my rejects that I keep around for concerts... oo that sounded so harsh

  4. Have I mentioned how much I love that green???
    I tooooooootally get where you are at with the not wanting to take pics of self. The chaos of painting and getting back into the swing of things at work has meant haphazard meals, generally involving something deep fried and or popcorn. I try to salvage it with a daily banana, but...lets be honest. Usually the daily banana turns into a daily snickers.
    Um. I have 28 pairs of shoes, including many old sneakers and snow boots. Is that reasonable? I used to have A LOT more. Like, way more than 40. It was difficult. They were unruly. I felt put upon.

  5. So I killed them.

    Just kidding. I gave them to Value Village.

  6. once upon a time i had about 40 pairs of shoes, including bright pink suede slouch boots. i miss those shoes. suede didn't hold up well in rain, though.

    curry is SO GOOD omfg - i see chickpeas, yes? also a good variety is potato, broccoli, onion, pineapple & coconut milk with curry seasoning.

    i spent more time looking at your books than at anything else. good selection! *thumbs up*