Wednesday, January 12, 2011

practical vs. impractical

Hey everyone!  Enjoying the snow?  I know I am.  I've spent most of the day doing some laundry.  And by "doing laundry," I mean, "constantly repeating the air-fluff-dry cycle on my drier because Mom told me that was the best way to dry my down comforter without damaging it and it's taking hours.  Oh and also, how gross is it that this is the first time I've washed this comforter in two years?"  Yeah.  That's what I mean.

Today I am wearing a teeshirt from my favorite undergrad bar and jeans.  So exciting and classy,  no?  In lieu of what would have been a very boring outfit post, I am going to show you two of my new favorite things on etsy.  If you go and buy that skirt, it might keep me from buying that skirt.  Okay?  I like the way you think.  

via Minx

You know you're smitten when you start trying to justify sexy pencil skirts with attached suspenders by saying, "Oh but the suspenders make it totally business-like so of course I could wear this to the office!  By golly, this skirt was meant to be worn in an office!" etc.

I'm not usually into mixed metallics, I don't care what Stacey and Clinton say. Kind of like how I'm not into mixing black and brown.  But who wouldn't mind bending a few rules for these babies?  They're much more affordable than the skirt, too.  Maybe I need to get myself a(nother) HAPPY MOVING DAY/REAL LIFE FTW present?  Yeah?  I think so too.

What are you guys drooling over on etsy lately?  Come on, don't be shy.  I know there's something.  There always is.


  1. You're wearing your Kelly's shirt aren't you, Elle.

  2. Omg I'm so slow. I was like, Elle's hair is SO DIFFERENT! And this outfit is SO DIFFERENT! And her face is SO DIFFERENT! Got to get in the habit of readings words before pictures.


  3. WHAT? you mean I'm supposed to wash my down comforter?!!? I only wash the cover. Oops.

    Good luck with the move!!