Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi, guys!  Remember me?  I don't want to be that blogger who is always making a million excuses for their disappearance from the blogosphere.  No one wants to listen to a complain-train, right?  So instead, I am going to make a bulleted list of stuff I've been doing away from the computer.  There's a nifty button for it right up there.  Ready?
  • I've had a wicked cold.  Yuck.  I usually never get sick, but last winter I had the flu twice and I swear I was sick more than I was healthy.  Even Boyf's roommates got sick of it after a while.  Let's hope this winter is not a repeat of the same.  However, yesterday I discovered that When You Are Sick And Can't Sleep, Benadryl Will Put You To Sleep Instantly.  Um, yes, call me late to the party, but in my defense my mama always gives me drugs because she is smarter than me and thus I have never made a medical decision in my life.  This is a big accomplishment for me.  So, I got some sleep and I feel way better.  Yay!
  • I went Out with Friends to an Undisclosed Location for the New Year.  I was sick and miserable, but I wore an awesome vintage lace dress and a vintage rabbit-fur coat that I scored for free (yes, really, for free) (it's not a big deal) (really, it's not.  Please don't be jealous.) (!!!) (ZOMG I HAVE A FREE FUR COAT!) and watched my friends bop around being ridiculous.  So that was fun.
  • I quit my job.  So happy.
  • Boyf, Boyf's Friend, Boyf's Friend's Girlfriend and I have an apartment.  As of yesterday.  For wicked awesome cheap, yo.  I now need a job to go with said apartment.  And to pack my stuff.  Not overwhelming at all.
  • I made these.  They look nowhere as awesome and delish as Heidi's.  Actually, they look like someone much less cute than Heidi, like maybe Heidi's dog or something, made them.  But nom nom.
  • Tonight I am being paid to write for the first time ever. (Winning literature prizes in college conveniently do not count.) I'm doing an episode recap of The Biggest Loser for buddytv.com and I'm really excited/omgholynervousness.
Oh hey!  Below are some pictures I stole from Lexie of what I wore on New Year's.  Aren't we so stylish?

myspace pics in the elevator.  so mature.
the remains of my huge burrito.  i did work, son.
shaun conveniently providing my face with some guac at dinner.  what a good guy.
(NOTE: shaun and sean are not the same.  shaun is not boyf.  though he is single and drives a silver volvo.  ladies?)

BBL, party people.


  1. Omg, that's an awesome coat, and you scored it for free? And congrats on being paid to write, that's so cool!

    PS Hope you continue to feel better!!!

  2. If it's any consolation, you definitely don't look sicky poo! Jealous of your freebie...I never score the big stuff lol! Looks like a rockin' night! Best of luck with the job hunt hun and congrats on the new appt.

  3. Ooof, send some of those red velvet cake balls to Albany plz.

    I'm so glad you could come with us on NYE! I had a blast, we need to do more things like that.

  4. Congrats on the paid writing gig, that's huge and so awesome!

    Also, I love your New Year's outfit. Also, thank YOU for my shout out! I enjoyed it a bunch was super excited to send one back your way when I was finally brave enough to attempt the man shirt!

  5. No excuses necessary, but I love hearing what you've been up to! Have fun writing about the biggest loser. I had friend do something similar for another one of those sites - it's fun to read the recaps!
    And whoopee for a great new place with your boyf and friends. If Buffalo is one thing, it is cheap. You will live like a queen!

    The Auspicious Life

  6. hooray for your new place and for quitting the diner job! :D that dress and coat are supa-fly

  7. Fun! And I'm super excited for you that you got to quit. Good luck finding a speedy replacement job!

  8. Happy New Year to you, Joy!!

    First off, CONGRATS on quitting your job. You seem so much happier about it already and I can't wait to hear about what you'll be up to this year. 2011 is definitely off to a fresh start for you.

    Moving to a new place is always exciting too! I hope the move goes smoothly.


  9. WUT WUT- how come I didn't know about this new writing recap gig thingy?!!?! lol seriously!!!

    And how did you get a rabbit coat for FREE?! I love that blue lace dress. SO CUTE.

  10. first off you are hi-larious! lol. and too cute! btw: found u thru Love Ramsey, saw ur comment and decided to check out ur blog. Glad I did! oh-and followed so I could keep up w/ur once in a while blogging as you said you have not blogged in a while! LOL:) If you get the chance pass by my blog and follow back it you likeeee! :) Please let us know how the writing for biggest loser recap goes! curious!