Thursday, January 27, 2011

in which i never look at the camera because boyf is making me laugh too hard

boots- l.l. bean
tights- we love colors
dress- alternative apparel
hoodie- h&m

Post title equals self-explanatory. You try keeping a straight face when your boyfriend is laying on the ground bellowing, "SWEETHEART SHOW ME THE MONEY," in a really terrible faux-Bronx accent. Or faux-Brooklyn. Faux-something.

I got a job interview today! As soon as I am done putting up this post I am going to go hit my wardrobe and come up with interview outfits. Because that is the most important part of an interview, of course.

I wore this around the house today. Boyf and I hung things and then we went to Sweet_ness 7, which is the coolest coffee place I think I might have ever been in my life. Even if the girl at the table next to me was blatantly ignoring the no cellphones rule.

This is the first of what is probably going to be many examples of how Buffalo forces me to wear winter boots all the time. In this outfit, I attempt to make cute tights and a nice dress Buffalo-appropriate by combining them with a hoodie and said boots. The result is questionable, but I felt like documenting it anyway. You live and you learn, yes?

Lexie says these tights make my legs look like Easter eggs. Go read her blog. She has a cute cat named Doom in her posts. I know how much you guys like cute animals.

Tune in tomorrow to see the outfit I wore to my interview! Black boring pencil skirt FTW! Does anyone have any advice on interview outfits? :)


  1. You have the cutest Easter legs around :)

    Thanks for the shout out, love!

  2. Woo hoo, pink tights! And it took me awhile to realize that you and Lexie were friends in real life. I was like WHAAAA???? when you posted pictures from NYE. I think I might like her more than you because she ACTUALLY UPDATES HER BLOG. HAHA, just kidding Elle. I love you too.

    Good luck on the job interview!

  3. Those boots. Well, I just love them!

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  5. Ah! Interview outfits! I've always stuck to suits because in the world of politics, it's still an old boy's club. I've found the way to get hired is to dress up like those good ol'boys and gain their respect by wearing a suit. (re: Hillary Clinton)

    I refuse to wear a black suit during an interview though. To me, it looks like I didn't put any effort in the outfit at all and in this economy, I feel that need to distinguish myself from the other applicants, and that includes my wardrobe. I need to wear something that will make them remember me (in a good way in the plastic politictoc world).

    I usually wear a blue pinstriped suit with a light blue top and black heels...but today,I was sick of the typical jacket and pants look so I wore a grey vest, grey pants, and a light blue shirt. I was dressed like this...

    ...and I got hired =D

    (edit...haha I deleted my first comment because I misspelled a word. I'm anal-retentive like that ;D)

  6. Oooooh, best of luck! Its nice to have you back and settled in. Do you miss the Pookums to death?

    I NEVER know what to wear to job interviews, so
    I usually just dress like a boy (trousers, shirt, vest, tie, jacket) and wear hella expensive heels and a good bag. I've never not been hired, so, I guess it works? I think the key is looking put together and polished. A few years ago I went and bought a really swanky briefcase, with pockets for everything. It makes me look very dedicated and organized, even when I'm a total mess!

  7. P.S. Omigodyourtightsareamazeballs. They are so pretty. And with the boots? Genius.

  8. Hahahaha I want to go out for drinks with you and your boyf, is that weird? I just think you guys are fun. I love your adorably cute and comfy outfit, ESP THOSE BOOTS!

  9. i want to come to your house and steal that sweatshirt. It looks so comfy and I love the buttons. Those boots are also genius! No one does winter better than L.L. Bean.

  10. You are just precious. I'm loving the whole look, AND your new backdrop for photos. :) Excuse me while I go buy some pink tights and duck boots.