Saturday, January 29, 2011

hide and seek

oxfords- etsy
tights- we love colors
cutoffs- thrifted
top- american eagle
cardigan- urban outfitters

This is a new cardigan. It was on sale sale sale from Urban Outfitters and it's so soft and I only took it off to go to sleep yesterday. The entire time I was wearing that icky skirt during the interview, I kept thinking of coming home to this cardigan. Yum.

Speaking of yum, I think I might be able to convince Boyf to go get Thai or possibly Indian with me tonight. I should really be saving money but who can resist good food? Certainly not me. Also, it's Girl Roomie's last day at the job she hates and we are going to celebrate! Also there is an SVU marathon going on in my living room right now. Also I executed a beautiful parallel park yesterday. Also it's snowing out and I don't have to be driving anywhere, so it's pretty.

Life is good, guys.

PS- Can anyone see Boyf in the background of this picture? Isn't he dreamy?


  1. Welcome back, Elle! I love that cardigan. Hope your interview went great, and keep us posted.

    Also- Man, I could eat the heck outta some Thai right now. We had THREE amazing restaurants back home :(

  2. thai and indian are my favourite! so are greek and lebanese. and sushi. come to think of it all food is great and eating out is better! although totally brutal on the wallet.

    also I love that you also love arrested development.

    also I heart your comfy sweater and how nice it looks with your stripes.

  3. I love that cardi! I loooove going out for ethnic foods! Hope the interview was super good girl!

  4. I love your hair! And your outfit. Just lovely. I'm sad you're not doing the 30 for 30 again!