Friday, January 28, 2011

eye can has intervuez?

shoes- urban outfitters
tights- we love colors
skirt- target
top- new york and company
pearls- sierra trading post

Herrrrre it is, y'all. I had a couple, more interesting options in mind, but I ultimately went with the old standby because, for a first interview, you can never dress too conservatively. Yes?

I actually hate this skirt. Hate, hate, hate. But it's my one nice big girl skirt, so I'm kind of stuck with it. I picked it up at Target last-minute last year right before my interview for that job I sometimes think I should have taken. I actually wore almost this exact same outfit for that interview. Huh.

Anyway, this skirt was on clearance. There was a size four and a size two. I tried on the four but was almost positive it wouldn't fit me, and it was too big! I am in no way pulling the false modesty thing here, but I'm just not a size four and I'm definitely not a size two. I wouldn't have tried this skirt on, but my friend made me and, lo and behold, it fit!

...Kind of.

It fits really snugly in the hips, which is fine, because I can still sit down. I could deal with that if it was uniformally snug, but it gaps HUGELY at the waist. Huh? Was this skirt made for women who resemble rectangles? I have to wear a belt to hold my top inside the waistband and it always bunches.

As soon as I get money, I am going shopping for work clothes that don't make me complain this much. And also that fit.

The interview went okay! I had to take a whole bunch of computer tests and the girl said they might have a job for me. She'll be getting in touch soon. :) Cross your fingers for me! A new job involves new clothes for you guys to see. Color me excited, y'all.


  1. WHERE'S THE SUSPENDERS?!! You should buy that one skirt off etsy!!

    Anyway, you look cute... and conservative, but that's okay. Hope you get the job!

    AND... I always have the opposite problem with clothes. I have no curves and a flat butt, so yeah, I would have liked your skirt. HAHA. I hate it when they make the waist all small and then the butt all loose. I guess they can't please everyone!

  2. Yay for the interview. Fingers crossed! You look great in your conservative wear.
    Are women not rectangles? Wait, no no we are not, silly clothing designers. For what it's worth, the skirt looks great in these pictures.

    The Auspicious Life