Wednesday, January 26, 2011

back from the dead

boots- ASOS
tights- urban outfitters
cutoffs- thrifted
top- ASOS
earrings- i got em from my mama

Oh, hi there! Remember me?

No, I didn't die. Buffalo did not, in fact, swallow up my soul for all eternity, though it was cutting it close for a while there. Up until yesterday evening, I did not have internet in my (wonderful! glorious! er...pea green!) apartment and it was like living without air. And also my New Girl Roomie and I had to go to Target and spend obscene amounts of money on home d├ęcor (read: throw pillows), and my car wouldn't start for three days in a row and I thought I needed a new alternator, and I couldn't find my way around and I may or may not have missed home and the pookums and had little pity parties for myself every night.

But I digress. I have internet now! And I'm wearing something cute today, even though it is kind of cheating to post it, because I never actually wore it to go outside. And I applied for eight jobs so far today, so I really needed a brain break. And you guys are the lucky recepients. Lucky you, eh?

Boyf took these pictures for me. Totally different experience to having Mom take them, let me tell you. Boyf likes to climb up on chairs and take surprise photos of me when my back is turned because "candids always come out best!" and be super adorable and sometimes take pictures of my butt. He was also very worried about the number of cables/trash in the background, but I told him that it was okay and that you guys understand because you are used to it by now.

This top is from ASOS. It was kind of expensive, but I still love it. If/when I ever get a Big Girl Job, I imagine that it would go nicely with a pencil skirt. As it is, I wear it with cutoffs and nobody is complaining. Also, are you guys sick of these boots yet? I hope so, cause I'm not. Buffalo is giving them nasty salt stains, so I can't wear them as much as I would like to.

Oh, also, since the pookums is gone now, I tried to find a suitable replacement. So far, Cardboard Taxidermied Deer is the closest I could find.

But tell me...what have you guys been up to while I was gone? I really do want to know :)


  1. That deer might just be the gosh darn best thing ever. Where can I get one? I must have a fake cardboard deer head.

  2. HI ELLE!!!!!

    It's been SO LONG. I was starting to get worried! :(

    I love your top, especially the sleeves! It's super cute, and worth expensiveness. :) AND GREEN WALLS. OMG JEALOUS.


    I'm doing the winter 30for30. haaaalp.

  4. nice butt shot! i mean, nice hardwood floors! whatever. hooray that you're back :D

    i've been planning trips back to texas, planning the winter 30 for 30 outfits, and wondering about how you've been. what else is there?!

  5. YAY, Elle's back from the dead in a cute outfit in a cute new place! Happy happiness. More please.