Thursday, December 2, 2010


shoes- target
tights- target
buttondown- old navy
dress- urban outfitters
belt- dockers
earrings- made by my mother

That face shows you how excited I was to be taking those pictures that early in the morning.  Yes, that is morning, and not the middle of the night.  I subbed today.  I also stayed out late last night, wishing a fond farewell to my friend who is moving to New Hampshire.  I also had to work at the diner after subbing.  How did my day go?  Let's just say that I spilled a good inch of tea into my cupholder on the way to work, and it's still there because I haven't had a chance to clean it out yet.  And also that I may have had a little meltdown at the diner as a result of exhaustion and stupid scheduling for tomorrow night.  But the hostess took pity on me and switched some things around and so my tomorrow is looking slightly better.  Thanks, Dot.  

Also, I am not sneezing in pictures number two.  I am telling pookums to sit down.  As you can see, she is obeying admirably.

Say hi to the oversized (read: simply just too big and also pretty wrinkly from spending the night on the floor.  Oops.) oxford and our new waist-belting trick from yesterday.  I might wear the oxford again when I sub tomorrow.  With jeans.  I am just that daring.

Today someone at the high school told me that I looked "so profeshy."  I swear to gravy that was the word that came out of her mouth.  I think she meant it as an abbreviation of "professional"?  But instead, all day, I kept singing, "So profesh, and so clean clean," to myself and then laughing deliriously at my own cleverness.  

Guys, I am tired but still pretty awesome.  Right?  

I am going to choose to believe that you all agreed with me.  And now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to wait for my laundry to get done so that I can pass out, face-forward into bed to prepare for another day like this tomorrow.

Twenty-nine days.  Just sayin'.


  1. Professy. I like that.
    Also, do you have tights in every color? It sure seems like it. I love all of them.

    The Auspicious Life

  2. gravy is indeed the epitome of all things holy. swearing to it is truly the only way to be taken seriously. *LOVE GRAVY*

  3. Super-profesh. For ever. Bah, I'm drunkish. Pay no attention.

  4. those tights are on my shopping list! :)

  5. i love saying so profesh haha. you do look profesh with that belted top! lovely i tell you.

    and iseeyou colored tights. you + elle = work it!