Sunday, December 5, 2010

vingt-huit et vingt-neuf

Outfit the First:

oxfords- etsy
tights- target
tee- h&m
cardigan- target
cutoffs- thrifted

This is what I wore yesterday when no one was home to take a picture of me.  The Boyf said, "Have Etta take a picture of you!" Silly Boyf.  Doesn't he know that pookumses don't have opposable thumbs?

I think it's official; those are my favorite tights.  I have been coveting everything lace lately.  Especially black lace.  I'm just a little irritated that the picture didn't adequately show of the ruched texture of my black top.  I was so impressed with myself for combining two so different textures in one outfit.  So you'll just have to take my word for it.

Dad really hates the first picture of Etta because he says the way she's showing off her pink belly is "so unladylike.  Can we get some makeup to cover that up?"  And then my mother says, "Gregory we are not buying makeup for a dog."  And then Dad says, "But, Meg!  What about her dignity?"  And then I say, "Guys, can we please just take this picture so I can go blog it because I am obsessed with my blog?  Kthx."

Outfit the Second

boots- modcloth
skirt- f21
top- the gap
cardigan- target
tights- h&m

I love this outfit.  Love love love.  I had no idea what to wear today.  I thought of what I haven't worn much yet and pulled out this purple tee.  Then I combined it with the red mini, because I love red and purple together.  I'm like one of those hat ladies.  I can't wait to get old.  I'll be able to mix my fave color combo all the time and wear obnoxious accessories and say whatever I want and no one will be able to tell me not to because I'll whack them with my cane.  Yes.

Anyway, I instantly went for these tights because I thought, "What matches with red and purple?" and the answer of course was Big bright flowers on a white field!  So, wham.  And then I added boots to toughen it up slightly because my gold flats would have been too girly.
I didn't even look in the mirror to see if this looked okay.  I usually don't.  I come up with something that executes well in my head and then I put it on and take it on faith that it looks totally killer.  Call it supreme confidence, call it silliness, I call it dumb luck, especially today.  There are so many ways this could have gone wrong.

The second picture is me saying, "I don't know how to pose next!"  In response to that, Dad got down on the ground and took a weird angle shot.  He's fantastic.  

My mom is making pulled pork for dinner.  With chocolate cake.  Excuse me while I go salivate for the next six hours.  I have a day off today.  I got all my Christmas shopping done last night.  I have twenty-five days before I get to quit my job.  Life is pretty freaking fantastic.



  1. pulled pork AND chocolate cake?! I'm moving in.

  2. man, those lace tights *are* sweet, but the watercoloury flowers? those are the best ever. they even beat the sparkles. which is difficult to accomplish. i can't believe tomorrow is your last day! are you going to do a recap of all 30 days?

    i'll be over in 5.5 hours for chocolate cake & pulled pork. in that order

  3. oh my gosh, your parents are hilarious, srsly. It's so funny, the first thing I thought when I saw the first picture (after the "cute outfit" thought, duh) was "umm.... elle's dog isn't very ladylike today." HAHAHA

    All your christmas shopping done? jealous. I don't even know what's I'm getting for my parents yet. UGH.

    and only one more outfit? Dang! I think it just crept up on me because despite taking 3 years of French in high school, I have no idea what your titles say. vingt-what?!

  4. Your parents' convo about the dog is HI-larious !! You crack me up.

    And I loooooove the second outfit, too! SO AWESOME when pieces just magically fit together so perfectly. Kudos, friend.

  5. Aw, look at Etta's little tum. True story? My mom has insisted that we scrap perfectly good photos of my outfits because THE DOG was being immodest. Seriously. Its like doggie Sharia all up in here!

    In other news, both of these outfits are smashing. I am jealous of your ability to pull off that whole tights/shorts combo. Someday I will be that brave. Also, I didn't get a chance to comment on vingt-sept, but I'm pretty sure its my favorite. All those soft creamy layers and the pop of color in the shoes and necklace? Genius.

    As for the Very Handsome Man...he's a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma, tied with a big shiny bow of adorable. I think I like him. I know I like his taste in food.

    Speaking of...can I come over for dinner?

  6. Sweet Etta! Reggie cat-called her though, so you may want to get her a skirt or something :)

    Can I tell you, Mike made drunken chicken on the outdoor grill and I made chocolate cake (in the indoor oven ha!) today. Talk about good cooking, huh!

  7. Ha! The first thing (like literally the very first thing)I thought when I saw that first pictures was, "What's up with Etta's belly..."

    That second outfit is pretty awesome.

  8. So, as I was reading this I just kept thinking 'she sure is peppy today.' I just kept reading and smiling. Then I got the end. And I learned why you are so happy. Chocolate cake!!
    Oh, and the quitting your job, having your shopping done, and being finished with the 30 for 30. Life is good for you, my friend!

    The Auspicious Life

  9. Your family is hilarious, "what about her dignity?" cracked me up! Both these outfits are super cute, you seriously have the best tights collection. And I can't believe the challenge is almost over! I just have two outfits to go!

  10. it's official those are my favorite tights as well. they make your legs look really nice and pretty not that they aren't without it but still.

    also, top bun love!

  11. i love your collection of tights!! you're definitely making me want to expand my (super tiny) selection and branch out from just the regular plain black and grey!

  12. aw etttttaaaaaa. um also my grandma (the one i'm afraid might get me outrageous tights if i don't give her guidelines) is IN the red hat society. she loves it. lets be in that when we get old.

  13. i am IN LOVE with that second outfit!!! please send it to me so i can borrow it!