Wednesday, December 1, 2010


shoes- target
tights- target
skirt- thrifted (lacoste)
belt- urban outfitters
button down- old navy

O hai guys, it's just me, your local Blair Waldorf, checking in with my hot pink tights to see how your 30for30s are going.  

HAH, just kidding!  I'm not really Blair Waldorf, but I bet you were all fooled, weren't you?  I knew it.  I should have added a headband and Chuck Bass.  Then my transformation would have been complete.

Today is megagross, guys.  It's practically typhooning at my house.  Le ick.  Fun fact:  I don't own an umbrella.  Or a raincoat.  Which is really stupid of me, because it rained a reasonable amount in the town where I went to college.  However, I am an expert at losing umbrellas and also at breaking them, and I have yet to find a raincoat that is cute enough and cheap enough for me to justify spending money on it.  Wouldn't you know that most cheap raincoats are ugly, and most cute ones are expensive?  Oh bother.

I finally belted a top!  I'm very proud of myself.  I'm good at using my thick belts on dresses, but for some reason using skinny belts to belt up tops, cardigans, etc. (as Kelsey and Heidi are so adept at) is a skill that has evaded me.  But I think I did okay today!  Look, Ma!  I'm expanding my horizons!

We gave Etta some dog intelligence tests that we found online last night. One of them involved timing how long it took for her to get out from underneath a blanket.  We stopped timing her at two minutes.  Dad says that she was just scared of the blanket, the way she is scared of clothes, which is why she did so poorly.  The other test involved putting a biscuit under a glass and seeing how long it took her to get to the biscuit.  She licked the carpet threadbare, but I think she eventually knocked the cup over by accident.  Poor pookums.

Today she is a rapper.  Or a skater.  Or something.  That green hat is my brother's.  While he was taking my photos, Dad kept going, "Etta!  Etta!  Yo, yo!  Yo, Etta!  Are you Fifty Cent?"  Hence me throwing up peace signs in the middle picture.  My family is so cool.

PS- It's gross out today, so my pictures came out SUPER dark.  So I fiddled with the exposure and brightness and now my pictures look like I'm some kind of super hipster.  Which I am, so I guess it's okay.  But I figured I would let you all know.

PPS- The other night I had a legit bad dream that I wore an outfit with my Harley Davidson boots that are not a part of the challenge and I was like, "No!  Now my outfits are all screwed up!  I have nothing  that I can swap out!  DOOOOM!"  My dreams are also really cool.


  1. We put Reggie Jackson in obedience school. He did so well, then failed the "Good Citizen Test." Poor baby: a menace to society!

    I love the skinny belt look on tops! I have a few tops that came with thicker belts, but I swap them out often.

    Again, LOVE the hot pink tights!

  2. Haha this is adorable :P I love dogs.

  3. i love how neon bright you & etta are - that second pose is AWESOME (do it way way more) - hooray for your belting! belts are on my list of things to get ... later

  4. I totally just bought an umbrella online which....I'm assuming does NOT count as part of the shopping ban. I mean it's a NECESSITY, right?!?!?!?!

    And those gold flats are the icing on this black/white/hot pink cake of an outfit. FANTASTIC.

  5. I'm always losing umbrellas. Monkeyface is right. The pink shoes just make this outfit!

    The Auspicious Life

  6. Your dad might be one of the funniest people ever. And Gangsta Etta - too cute!

  7. Love the belted top! It took me a while to get used to doing that too, (and for the longest time the boyfriend would look at me weird and ask why my belt wasn't holding up my pants instead). You and Etta are super stylish, as always.

  8. can i PLLLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE have your clothes?!?!

    seriously, you and your style are soooo adorable :)

  9. omg your dog is hilarious. and you too.

    hey, I know you said you were a creative writing major.. would you be interested in writing about TV shows? Our company might be hiring. email me if you're interested and I can tell you more. I couldn't find your email on your blog :( bluepaperlanterns [at]

  10. You rock the belted top! And I'm so honored to be in the linky love with Kelsey. She's awesome! :) And you are too!

  11. etta just made my day. and those tights are amazing! and hey, thanks so much for the shout-out! :)

  12. girl, you are rocking this so much like blair. i love the fuschia tights with the basic top and skirt. so pretty!