Sunday, December 26, 2010


dress- etsy
tights- we love colors
boots- ASOS
belt- penney's
pearls- sierra trading post

Merry late Christmas!  This is what I wore on the big day.  I got this dress in October and I just knew that it would be perfect for the holidays.  It is evergreen velveteen, after all.  The only problem was that it had huge, belled, three-quarter sleeves.  So 90's.  Thankfully, my mom is a genius and made the sleeves normal.  Otherwise I felt like some kind of very festive witch.

meet my new boots! Are they not the most beautiful things you ever saw in your whole entire life?  I love them.  I want to wear them every day.  I want to marry them.  Can you marry boots?  Is it legal?  I saw once that some guy in Australia married his dog.  Does that mean that I could at least make a life commitment to my new ASOS boots?  Combined with my 90's dress, I feel very festively grunge in this outfit.  

Also, these tights are from We Love Colors.  They are supposed to be charcoal, but they look black on.  I also got a ballerina pink pair and a royal blue pair.  I was supposed to get a dark green pair, but they arrived looking teal.  WTF, We Love Colors?  Your quality is so good, but the whole point of a tights shop with a million colors is that you get the color you want.  Right?  I already have teal tights, We Love Colors.  I am not impressed.

La la la.  I have to work today, but the good news is that after today, I have three work days left!  The time of the big move is approaching, and I am getting simultaneously excited and nervous.  I want to give the Boyf his Christmas presents!  He is going to look exactly like Paul Newman, but I can't tell you why because he reads this blog sometimes (HI BABE!) and I don't want to ruin the suprise.  

What did you all do for Christmas?  More importantly, what did you all
wear?  Are you ready for the massive snowstorm?  I want to hear all about it.

PS- Yes, that is pineapple upside down cake.
PPS- Yes, the dress is velveteen and not velvet.  My subject line lied.
PPS- The fabric makes my boobs look awkwardly shiny but I don't know what to do about it.  I'm sorry.


  1. i actually found some shorts when i was re-organizing the closet, so i did the shorts & tights thing, and thought of you! was too tired after eating to take a picture, though :/

    those boots are gorgeous - but i'm more interested to know if you have any leftover pineapple upside down cake. nom nom? NOM NOM NOM!!!!

  2. Unfortunately you cannot marry your boots because they are already married to me.

    They are awesome and it is going to be so fun using them to punk-up pretty dresses! Also, your target referral was still helpful even though i'm in Canada because I just tried to find the most target-y place.

    Hope your holidays have been great!!

  3. I'm not going to lie I had to google what the difference between velvet and velveteen is. Regardless, I love the dress, and if you marry the boots can I come to the wedding?

  4. I had Christmas food hangover. South Louisiana cuisine is nothing to sneeze at, and even though I still cook food like gumbo and jambalaya, my stomach was NOT prepared for Louisiana Christmas. So, in short, I didn't go Christmas cocktail this year. I wore jeans :(

    Can I say YESYESYESYES to your velvetvelvetvelvetvelvet!!!!!

  5. what a gorgeous velvet dress! love the lace up boots too! =)


    - pineapple upside-down cake as dessert
    - velvet as fabric
    - that expression on your face in that first photo. out of any other expression ever.

    SO GLAD you had a happy Christmas and got new awesome boots!!

  7. I once watched a documentary about women who married inanimate objects. At first it was all fun and games, I laughed and laughed. And then I sobered up, exclaiming, "Wait, WHAT?!" And then I made my husband and sisters watch it. And then my younger sister retaliated by showing me one about men in love with their cars. I have never looked at a Volkswagen bug the same way.
    *clears throat* Aaaanyway. Your boots are cuuuuute!

  8. Lovelovelove the 90s vibes here. Long live velveteen! And boots! And Etta! Also, and, please, don't take this the wrong way, but you totally look like the anti-Santa. As in, the exact opposite of a pudgy bearded elderly man (you) in the exact opposite of a red velveteen suit (that dress). Its wierd, but go with it.

  9. Look at you all jazzed up. So very festive! Score one point for mom for working on the sleeves.
    I am so excited for you for your big move. You seem so happy about it and so I get happy about it. If you drive through Ithaca, wave to my parents for me.

    The Auspicious Life

  10. Oh that velvet dress is amazing!! And don't you look adorable :P Hope you had a lovely Christmas!



    They were the second thing I noticed.. after the shiny boobs, but I don't want you to think I'm a perv.

  12. I thought they just looked bigger than normal (the boobs, not the boots) which is always good. Oh and your waist, your waist is tiny.

  13. Hi Elle! I'm so sorry the color wasn't what you expected. We'd be more than happy to exchange them or return them :) Please email