Monday, December 6, 2010

trente (!!!)

oxfords- etsy
tights- walmart
skirt- thrifted (lacoste) 
tank- h&m
cardigan- target
scarf- dead relative
belt- urban outfitters

Did you know that another way to say thirty is DONZO?  Look how bright the windows are in the background.  It's like nature itself is celebrating my completion of the challenge.  Or maybe it's just light reflecting off the snow.

So here it is.  My final outfit.  It's very like things that I have worn in the past, isn't it?  But I really wanted to wear this beautiful scarf.  Also, I attempted to belt this skirt and make a paper-bag waist.  I'm not sure if I succeeded, but I do know that the result is kind of scandalously short.  Etta is celebrating by wearing a tiara.  Look how excited she is!  Also, please note that she closed her legs today because she was so chagrined as to her scandalous behavior yesterday.  She is a shamed pookums.

True fact:  That tiara is the tiara I received as Homecoming Queen my senior year of high school.  I was not popular in high school and I'm pretty sure I won because all the kids in younger grades who I was nice to stuffed the ballot box.  However, I was at a cross-country meet in Florida when the dance was held, so the runner-up got my crown in my stead and didn't give it to me until Tuesday of the next week.  After having worn to all the popular kids' parties all weekend.  At the time, it was like the Biggest Deal Ever and I was so angry.  Now, I just lend the tiara to my mom whenever she needs it to help clothe someone in the school musical because I've gotten wiser in my old age and realize that being Homecoming Queen means exactly jack squat.

I did a little tally of all my 30for30 items to see which ones I wore the most and which ones I wore the least.  

gray cardigan- 7
oatmeal cardigan- 6
white oxford- 4
brown suede vest- 3
purple tee- 3
black tank- 3
white tee- 3
plaid buttondown- 2
green tee- 2
white tank- 2
black v-neck- 2
pink cardigan- 2
black ruched tee- 2

skinny jeans- 7
cutoffs- 6
black pleated skirt- 4
red skirt- 4

gray dress- 4
brown dres- 4

brown boots- 10
gold flats- 8
black oxfords- 7
red flats- 3

Things I Noticed:
1) The boots were the single item I wore the most.  This doesn't really surprise me, though.  They go with everything and I love them.  This reinforces my desire for a new pair of black boots, if only because I know that I'll get a ton of wear out of them.

2) The gray and brown dresses tied, but three out of the four times I wore the gray dress it mostly functioned as a skirt and I layered things over it.  Perhaps this means that I need to invest in a new gray skirt?

3) A lot of my basic items (ie- white tee, green tee, white tank top) did not get worn as much as I thought that they would.  I am beginning to think that I could have done better in this challenge had I included some of my more interesting seperates (ie- my polka-dot button-down instead of a plain teeshirt) instead of such plain pieces.  Don't get me wrong, plain staples are important for any wardrobe, but I don't think I need rely on them as heavily as I do, which is a good thing.  For example, I could have included my plain black pencil skirt in the challenge instead of this thrifted, pleated one, but I think I was able to do more interesting things with the challenge of the pleats.

4) I used to never wear these black oxfords.  Holy moly, what was I missing?! They're versatile and the stacked heel makes my legs look longer.  I'm glad I bought them when I did.

I'm going to post an outfit summary soon, but not in this post because I think it's already running a little long.

What conclusions have you all come to during the course of the challenge?


  1. I'm totally keeping track of my stuff in a speadsheet too.

    I hardly touched my super basic stuff either.

  2. keeping track is one thing i haven't done - yet. was planning on tallying everything up on the final day (or the day after) ... love the tiara look on etta!

    do you think you'll do the challenge again in the spring, if kendi does another run?

  3. Dang girl, valedictorian AND homecoming queen? :)

    You make me totally want a pair of oxfords. and pretty tights. :)

  4. Yay for being done with the challenge! I have a feeling that my brown boots will be my most-worn item too. And good call on the scarf, it's really pretty!

  5. Hi, fellow remixer, Im one of the few guys in the challenge.. Im slowly getting around to visiting all of the remixers' blogs. I've come across a lot, but you most definitely have style. Best of luck with the remaining challenge… xo

  6. yay for being done!!! you did great the whole way :)