Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THREE days and counting!

boots- ASOS
tights- ?
shorts- thrifted
sweater- thrifted
hat- urban behavior

Three days at my job, that is.  AH! Single digits.  It's so real now!  

I got my dad seasons one and two of The Office on DVD and it was as much of a present to me as it was to him.  Season Two might be my favorite.  Right now, in the next room, Dad is watching the Valentine's Day episode.  Dwight just got the bobblehead of himself.  And now Michael is getting himself a "New York slice" at Sbarro.  Anyone who doesn't like this show might have a broken funny bone.  HAH get it?  I'm so funny. Almost as funny as Michael Scott.

I love these boots.  Can you tell?  I think I might wear them every day this winter.   Until they get holes.  And then I'll take them to a cobbler, get them fixed, and continue to wear them every single day.  Sorren taught me how.

I like this hat.  One of my most recent wants is an oversized man's fedora or porkpie hat.  I think I might become a hat person.  And then I can wear red and purple, too, and Caitlin and I can be hat ladies together.  Perfect, no?

Also, this sweater is a man's sweater.  It's comfortable and pilly.  Also, my dog kept doing cute things, like yawning and stretching, right before Dad would snap a picture.  What a brat.  She and Grace each got bones for Christmas and then proceeded to fight over them all day.  Just so the other one wouldn't be able to enjoy it.  What children.


  1. Haha...the Office is completely hilarious! I am watching a movie with that guy in it right now. Yeah...I'm not a name person. Thanks for the darling words! Stay warm and happy New Year!

  2. YEAH men's sweaters are pretty much my weekend staple. I rarely look this cute in them, tho. Those boots were such a great gift, I bet they make any outfit!

    And season 2 is prolly my fave, too :) Weeell, maybe season 3. TOSS UP.

  3. Absolutely love the hat and your boots! And men's sweaters are the best, serously! :P


  4. Elle with harness! I love you!

  5. Oh hey, it's actually me this time.
    I love everything about this outfit. See you Friday?! We should take bloggy pictures together in our hot NYE outfits.

  6. The office is the best! And that sweater looks so comfy and I love your hat, I went through a phase where I would buy a bunch, but never wear them, and so I eventually stopped.

    But every time I go into a store with Men's fedoras I always try them on and think about buying them too because I think I might eventually become a hat person. But probably not, and so I don't. I'll just live vicariously through you instead.

  7. We got the fella a Michael Scott bobblehead a few years ago. Best gift we've ever given him.
    Those boots are great and are perfect for the Buffalo winter you have ahead of you. Those Buffalo folks won't know what hit 'em when your stylin' self steps foot in their town.

    The Auspicious Life