Saturday, December 18, 2010

sugarplum fairy

boots- minnetonka
jeans- f21
tank- h&m
top- charlotte russe
bag- h&m
hat- urban behavior

If the sugarplum fairy was an underemployed twenty-something who lived in the real world instead of the fictional Land of Sweets, I bet she would wear something like this.  No?  This lace top is one that I bought before the 30for30, even, and then it sat in the drawer and mocked me because all I wanted to do was wear it.  I.  Love.  Lace.  In order to properly winterize this top for Buffalo, though, I'm thinking I might have to turn it into a layering piece, which makes me sad.  Any ideas to the contrary?

Fun fact: My dad has been the narrator for the annual kindergarten holiday play since...well, forever.  When I was in kindergarten, our play was The Nutcracker.  I was one of the dolls who came out from under Mother Ginger's skirt.  My mom made my costume.  I was the bomb-diggity.  Dad made me watch the video of that play this morning, and all I could think was, "Wow, I wish I hs a white tulle skirt exactly like that right now."  

I wore this outfit to go get diner breakfast with my very prettiest friend, Charlotte.  Nom nom. (<- The breakfast, not my friend.  I wouldn't nom a person.  How rude!)  Please note my unwashed hair, looking better than it ever does when it is clean but smelling way worse, and my really awesome glasses.  

Also, I am beginning to notice that my kitchen is a mess.  Maybe I should just clean it, instead of endless blog-apologizing?  (Note: The pile of trash in the background is our cleaned recyclables, waiting patiently to be taken out to their respective bins.  Really. I promise.)

Now that friends are home, it's beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas and I'm getting excited.  Etta is excited, too.  Can't you tell?


  1. Yeah lace power! I loves it too :) AHBVEEUSLIE.

    And you look super cute with your hat + glasses!

    Also diner breakfasts RULE

  2. y'all have to separate your recyclables? wow.

    i bet the lace top would go really well with some of the dresses you have - don't be sad about layering. especially since you're about to throw yourself into a cold area! (i'm behind on commenting - you're moving soon - tres exciting!)

  3. i am such a sucker for lace too! i'm still on the hunt for the perfect lace shirt. i've been checking forever21 periodically and their lace shirts just seem to have a weird fit. :(

    yours looks amazing and makes me wish i lived closer to a charlotte russe!

  4. Aww, how cool is it that your dad was the narrator is the narrator of the kindergarten play! I would love doing that, personally, haha! And you look superrr adorable in that lace top and your chunky beret! And I totally agree that we must be long lost twins haha!

    PS: I was not even close to being creeped out! :P You are just too adorableeeeeeee :D


  5. Yes! Tastetest is amazing! I AM addicted, and its all your fault, because if I hadn't read this post, and gone "hmmm", and clicked on that link...Oh, Elle. You and your infernal linkage. :)

    P.S. this outfit is adorable. I want your mocs. And your hair. *sigh*

  6. Ok, I love your hat. I was just rumaging around in my closet for one that I used to have that was similar that I never wore. I was just wondering if I could pull it off. Well actually, I was kinda' trying to hide my unwashed hair, but let's just think of it as a fashion statement. Yes, True Grit the original was a rather pathetically scripted film and I got so frustrated with the acting that I couldn't hold up very long. By the way, the skirt is something I totally threw together last summer with 1/2 yard of fabric. It was rather remedial for experienced sewers, so I didn't post a tutorial, but for beginners like me, it was perfect. You could really throw one together with no skills and 30 minutes on a sewing machine. Warm Florida wishes to your cold northern self!

  7. That top is perfect! I really love lace, too, but I don't own much of it... or any now that I think about it.

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