Thursday, December 16, 2010


boots- modcloth
tights- walmart
dress- etsy
cardigan- urban outfitters
belt- dockers
earrings- urban outfitters

Hey y'all.  I feel a little bit like Sydney Poulton in this outfit today.  Except not, because she would never wear a skirt this short because she is aware of a thing called modesty and I am all, "Modesty, what?"  But I am wearing a belted cardigan with a cute print.  Also, I creepily had a dream last night where I met her when I was out grocery shopping and geeked out and refused to introduce myself because I didn't want to seem like a weirdo fangirl.  Which is probably exactly what I would have done in real life.  My dreams are really boring most of the time, guys.  When I first started my job, I used to have dreams about waiting tables.  Nothing interesting would happen, I would just punch in orders and bring food out and then wake up, exhausted.  So cool.

I love this etsy dress.  I got it last spring when Boyf discovered this video on youtube and said, "Don't you have a polka dot dress?" and I said, "No.  But I should."  And then I did.  Also, I wore it in St. Louis on the day we went to the Budweiser factory and I decided it would be a fantastic idea, after drinking two tiny sample beers, to take a jumping picture outside the factory and my skirt flew up and I flashed a bunch of tourists and all my friends laughed at me and our cab driver, Aqil, was totally scandalized and hated us.

Today I am watching a lot of The Mighty Boosh.  Don't ask why, but it feels like Christmas to me.  Also, it is awesome and funny.  Watch.  And have an awesomer day because of it.

PS- Guyssss. For some reason, blogs with comments supported by Disqus won't let me comment. I don't know why. But rest assured that I do not hate you and I wish I could comment but I can't. :(


  1. LOVE the polka dots. I think I need one now too. Also, that belted cardigan makes your waist look tiny. Maybe it always is tiny, actually, but that really shows it off!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Oh my gah you're so freaking hilarious. Maybe I should quit stalking your blog so regularly so I can save it for down times when I need a happy boost. Too. fun.

    YAY polka dots!!

  3. I'm totally loving your polka dotted dress!!! Hehe. And you are so adorable with your dog!


  4. How the heck do you find all these cute things on etsy? I want your dress. and those oxfords that you wore during the 30 for 30.

  5. thank you so much for the sock tips and also for loving my red cardigan - i always think that cardigan needs a little more love and affection!

    on another note... the mighty boosh is awesome and i almost wanted vince's haircut, he's so glamourous..

  6. i looove that polka dot dress! it doesn't look at all too short for you. my rule of thumb: if it covers the bum, you're safe! haha

    love the belted cardigan look as well. super cute! xo

    p.s. i'm having the same problems with disqus. i wonder what's up with that...

  7. Okay, I officially need a polka dotted dress too (I agree with thedemuremuse, if it covers your bum, that's considered modest, right?). Love the cardigan and tights too!

  8. i am loving this outfit! and i had no idea that disqus was down...bummer!