Friday, December 17, 2010

i wanna hippopotamus for christmas

shoes- charlotte russe
tights- walmart
skirt- h&m
shirt- jc penney
cardigan- target
belt- urban outfitters
pearls- sierra trading post
Please excuse the mess.  My parents went to go pick up my mom's new car today, hence the floormats.  And my dad took the pookums for a walk, hence the sneakers.  And, uh...we really like milk crates.  Hence the milk crates.

I wore this to sub today and didn't realize until I hopped up onto a desk to read aloud how incredibly short the skirt really is.  Are we noticing a trend here, guys?  Elle likes short skirts.  

I spent the rest of the day when I got back from subbing watching more Boosh and trawling tastetest on etsy like four million times.  Guys, there are so many red end tables and vintage slips and hand crafted earrings and quirky antique teapots that need me to buy them right now.  Between this and, I am noticing a scary trend in that I apparently really like for computers to tell me what to buy.  Maybe this means I am really suggestible, or maybe it just means that I appreciate good taste, whether it comes from an inanimate object or not.

I'm kind of starting to freak out about finding a job in Buffalo.  All the jobs I applied for from craigslist (my first mistake, obviously) just spammed me.  Why was I surprised?  And is just hard to navigate and confusing.  For me, anyway.  Ugh.  How do grown-ups do it?  All I want to do is cruise petfinder for puppies to adopt.  Why can't the job just come to me?

Also, I was really excited to wear these purple flats today.  They're the fraternal twin sisters of my red flats, but then I got gum on them.  Boo-urns.  That, combined with their general shitty quality and the fact that I destroyed them by wearing them to dive bars in college means they should probably hit the trash.  Goodbye, happy little shoes.  You have served me well.

This weekend I am catching up with friends who are home for the holidays, including my best friend from high school who just got engaged.  Congratulations, Jess!  I can't believe we're already this old.  

(I'm also going to work at the diner this weekend.  Eight work days remaining.  Just sayin'.)

Also, it's almost Christmas!  Is everyone done shopping?

Also, this.  Drool.  Someone buy for me plz?  I'll smile a lot and bake you cookies!

Also, could I fit in any more links?  Or any more 'also's?  I think not.

Boom.  Weekend.  There you go.  :)


  1. Perhaps a family like yours will appreciate this: it's hard to find a good milk crate nowadays. My grandma used to have TONS of milk crates. I'd like some of those.

    And about the short skirts: I think the tights distract the eye! That's my excuse anyway....

  2. Check and for jobs.

    See you Monday?!

  3. that blue cardi is so vibrant.

  4. I love that color on you!

    And I think a lot of my skirts/dresses tend to be on the shorter side, too.. especially when they're from Forever 21 (I haven't worn any of my skanky dresses on the blog yet... I think I may have to donate them, LOL) but I think my new rule of thumb is, if I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it in front of my in-laws, I probably shouldn't wear it out in public.

    Have you tried I guess they post a lot of whisper jobs or whatever on there. Good luck with the job hunt!!

  5. Oh, and you're joking about the beaver coat, right? Because I totally cannot picture you wearing such a hideous thing. Okay, it's not really that hideous, but I can't picture you wearing it. WELL, maybe. I guess it'd probably come in handy when you're freezing in Buffalo.

  6. Are you going to try subbing there? Buffalo's economy is pretty rough, but I'm sure you will be able to find something. They need good people there!

    The Auspicious Life