Thursday, December 9, 2010

goin' up the country

shoes- teva
tights- walmart
cutoffs- thirfited levis
top- jc penney
cardigan- UO
earrings- UO

Oh.  Hi, guys!  My name is Elle and this is Day One of my version of Kendi's 30for30 challenge!  

Oh wait.  That was last month.  This outfit is pretty similar though, right?  I didn't even notice until I was editing the photos tonight...same hair, same earrings, same cutoffs-with-tights.  I missed these black flats though.  My mama got them for me.  They're TEVA.  They're kind of chunky and hideous, but they have furry insides and arch support and I adore them more than it is probably healthy to adore shoes.  

Also, I wore this ruffly white shirt.  And forgot how to pose.  And hunched too much in the first picture.  And refused to smile when Mom said, "LOOK AT THE CAMERA."  I'm adorable.

We took Grace to get groomed today.  I drove the hour home from the mall!  (Boonies...) Which is good because it means I'm not so afraid of driving anymore.  Which is good because I'm driving upstate to visit the Boyf and look at apartments (!!!) this weekend.  I'm not saying I'm not afraid of driving so much so soon after my crash, but I'm just going to have to put my head down and do it.  I'm going to get the Boyf to take my outfit photos this weekend (he doesn't know it yet...hi Boyf! Please and thank you? Okay okay).  So hopefully you can see my super cool layering outfits and learn how I stay warm during lots of snow and bitter cold.  Get excited!


  1. i like the texture on that button-down. tres chic. and YAYAYAYAYYY i'm glad you are still visiting bonk, i'm glad the creek incident didn't ruin your plans :)

  2. hooray for layering! the ruffly shirt is nice - why didn't you belt it? more belt, elle ... more belt

  3. also also i had to say it, because i can't edit the previous comment - the little 'captcha' phrase or whatever had etta in the word!

  4. Where? The? Heck? Is? Etta?

  5. Dear Elle,
    no dying! I mean it!

    <3 Rose

  6. HA I love your neutral version of outfit #1. And I have two pairs of Teva's which I LOVE. So practical/cute. Consider me excited for weekend layers!!

  7. That shirt is so cute:) Have fun with the boyf this weekend! And stay warm, I'm looking forward to seeing all your layers!

  8. I second Emily's comment. Where's Etta?!?!

    And your hunched pose is totally ANTM. So fierce! LOL :)

    Can't wait to see the boyf's photog skillz!! :)

  9. I'm glad you're okay! Winter driving is treacherous and can be so nerve-wrecking.

    Also, I am loving the shorts and tights, it's such a fun fall look!

  10. i love this outfit! i think we're all just so close to finishing the 30 outfits that some of them end up looking really similar. i did the same thing-- i think my outfit #26 looks almost exactly like my first outfit. whoopsies!

    i hope you have a great weekend, Elle! xo

  11. I've only been introduced to TEVA in the last three months (since we've lived in AR). Louisiana people don't really wear shoes HAHA! I love them, too. So comfy and accommodating to feetsies.

    Also, kudos to you for driving after a wreck! I much love for brave women.

  12. Let's see these layers, missy. Good luck apartment hunting!

    The Auspicious Life

  13. So, you look adorable in the tights with cutoffs...will have to bookmark this idea for later...and I'm sure you get this a lot, but wow, you really look like Katy Parry! Must jump on the 30-30 bandwagon soon! Congrats on yours and great job!

  14. Elle!!! It's monday. How come I dont see any boyf-taken pictures up yet?!?! :)