Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THREE days and counting!

boots- ASOS
tights- ?
shorts- thrifted
sweater- thrifted
hat- urban behavior

Three days at my job, that is.  AH! Single digits.  It's so real now!  

I got my dad seasons one and two of The Office on DVD and it was as much of a present to me as it was to him.  Season Two might be my favorite.  Right now, in the next room, Dad is watching the Valentine's Day episode.  Dwight just got the bobblehead of himself.  And now Michael is getting himself a "New York slice" at Sbarro.  Anyone who doesn't like this show might have a broken funny bone.  HAH get it?  I'm so funny. Almost as funny as Michael Scott.

I love these boots.  Can you tell?  I think I might wear them every day this winter.   Until they get holes.  And then I'll take them to a cobbler, get them fixed, and continue to wear them every single day.  Sorren taught me how.

I like this hat.  One of my most recent wants is an oversized man's fedora or porkpie hat.  I think I might become a hat person.  And then I can wear red and purple, too, and Caitlin and I can be hat ladies together.  Perfect, no?

Also, this sweater is a man's sweater.  It's comfortable and pilly.  Also, my dog kept doing cute things, like yawning and stretching, right before Dad would snap a picture.  What a brat.  She and Grace each got bones for Christmas and then proceeded to fight over them all day.  Just so the other one wouldn't be able to enjoy it.  What children.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


dress- etsy
tights- we love colors
boots- ASOS
belt- penney's
pearls- sierra trading post

Merry late Christmas!  This is what I wore on the big day.  I got this dress in October and I just knew that it would be perfect for the holidays.  It is evergreen velveteen, after all.  The only problem was that it had huge, belled, three-quarter sleeves.  So 90's.  Thankfully, my mom is a genius and made the sleeves normal.  Otherwise I felt like some kind of very festive witch.

meet my new boots! Are they not the most beautiful things you ever saw in your whole entire life?  I love them.  I want to wear them every day.  I want to marry them.  Can you marry boots?  Is it legal?  I saw once that some guy in Australia married his dog.  Does that mean that I could at least make a life commitment to my new ASOS boots?  Combined with my 90's dress, I feel very festively grunge in this outfit.  

Also, these tights are from We Love Colors.  They are supposed to be charcoal, but they look black on.  I also got a ballerina pink pair and a royal blue pair.  I was supposed to get a dark green pair, but they arrived looking teal.  WTF, We Love Colors?  Your quality is so good, but the whole point of a tights shop with a million colors is that you get the color you want.  Right?  I already have teal tights, We Love Colors.  I am not impressed.

La la la.  I have to work today, but the good news is that after today, I have three work days left!  The time of the big move is approaching, and I am getting simultaneously excited and nervous.  I want to give the Boyf his Christmas presents!  He is going to look exactly like Paul Newman, but I can't tell you why because he reads this blog sometimes (HI BABE!) and I don't want to ruin the suprise.  

What did you all do for Christmas?  More importantly, what did you all
wear?  Are you ready for the massive snowstorm?  I want to hear all about it.

PS- Yes, that is pineapple upside down cake.
PPS- Yes, the dress is velveteen and not velvet.  My subject line lied.
PPS- The fabric makes my boobs look awkwardly shiny but I don't know what to do about it.  I'm sorry.

Friday, December 24, 2010

very merry happy

shoes- etsy
jeans- target
tee- h&m
sweater- thrifted
headband- claire's

This is my version of an ugly Christmas sweater, even though there's really nothing explicitly Christmassy about it at all.  Although it is red.  When I stumbled across this beauty at Salvo's I nearly lost my mind.  The frog closures?  The proper black trim?  The fact that the brand name is "Tally Ho!"?  I could simply not pass it up.  Mom likes it, too.  So, win all around, right?

Today I cleaned the house and helped my dad make Christmas baked goods and soon we're going to decorate our sapin de noel.  The pookums is really excited.  I'm excited to give everyone their presents, because I think I did a good job this year.  The Boyf, unfortunately, is going to have to wait until the next time I see him, and who knows when that's going to be.  Long distance relationships can be a bummer and a half sometimes, guys.  

But, anyway, Christmas!  Comfort!  Joy!  Et cetera!  (Hah, get it?)  No matter how old I get, I can't imagine not being excited about Christmas.  I have a few different outfits planned for tomorrow.  No one in my family really gets dressed up for holidays, but I always like to.  Also, I asked for new tights for Christmas.  Eeee!  So maybe tomorrow my legs will be exciting colors, maybe not.  THAT'S WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ALL ABOUT.  The possibility of excitingly-colored legs.  Or at least that's what I've always been told.

I hope you all have a happy, healthy holiday, no matter where you are or if you celebrate Christmas or not.  And, drive slowly.  Last night on my way home from work, I happened upon a family who got in the same accident as I did a few weeks ago, in the same place!  I drove them around, leant them my cell phone and did what I could, but it worries me!  Drive slow and spend the holidays being late but happy, rather than smashing up vehicles and being sad.  Or worse.


Monday, December 20, 2010


Yesterday morning I woke up and felt bad.  Nauseous nauseous.  I tried to power through it all day so I could go to work (it would be busy! I would make money! etc.) but then the nauseous nauseous developed into a full-scale I-have-a-fever-and-creaky-bones-and-can't-get-out-of-bed thing.  So I slept.  And let my mom make me ginger tea.  And watched a kind of ridiculous amount of TV, including Bridalplasty which is the first truly terrifying TV show I have ever watched.  And spent all day today resting up even though I feel a lot better.  It must have been one of those twenty-four hour things.  So, no outfit posts.  Because all I've been wearing are sweatpants.  

In lieu of outfit posts, though, I am going to share two awesome things with you.  Get ready:


2) Today Dad told me, while petting Etta's head, that, "when you think about it, babies are really just bald, super-intelligent puppies."

That is all, ladies and gents.  Goodnight.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

sugarplum fairy

boots- minnetonka
jeans- f21
tank- h&m
top- charlotte russe
bag- h&m
hat- urban behavior

If the sugarplum fairy was an underemployed twenty-something who lived in the real world instead of the fictional Land of Sweets, I bet she would wear something like this.  No?  This lace top is one that I bought before the 30for30, even, and then it sat in the drawer and mocked me because all I wanted to do was wear it.  I.  Love.  Lace.  In order to properly winterize this top for Buffalo, though, I'm thinking I might have to turn it into a layering piece, which makes me sad.  Any ideas to the contrary?

Fun fact: My dad has been the narrator for the annual kindergarten holiday play since...well, forever.  When I was in kindergarten, our play was The Nutcracker.  I was one of the dolls who came out from under Mother Ginger's skirt.  My mom made my costume.  I was the bomb-diggity.  Dad made me watch the video of that play this morning, and all I could think was, "Wow, I wish I hs a white tulle skirt exactly like that right now."  

I wore this outfit to go get diner breakfast with my very prettiest friend, Charlotte.  Nom nom. (<- The breakfast, not my friend.  I wouldn't nom a person.  How rude!)  Please note my unwashed hair, looking better than it ever does when it is clean but smelling way worse, and my really awesome glasses.  

Also, I am beginning to notice that my kitchen is a mess.  Maybe I should just clean it, instead of endless blog-apologizing?  (Note: The pile of trash in the background is our cleaned recyclables, waiting patiently to be taken out to their respective bins.  Really. I promise.)

Now that friends are home, it's beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas and I'm getting excited.  Etta is excited, too.  Can't you tell?

Friday, December 17, 2010

i wanna hippopotamus for christmas

shoes- charlotte russe
tights- walmart
skirt- h&m
shirt- jc penney
cardigan- target
belt- urban outfitters
pearls- sierra trading post
Please excuse the mess.  My parents went to go pick up my mom's new car today, hence the floormats.  And my dad took the pookums for a walk, hence the sneakers.  And, uh...we really like milk crates.  Hence the milk crates.

I wore this to sub today and didn't realize until I hopped up onto a desk to read aloud how incredibly short the skirt really is.  Are we noticing a trend here, guys?  Elle likes short skirts.  

I spent the rest of the day when I got back from subbing watching more Boosh and trawling tastetest on etsy like four million times.  Guys, there are so many red end tables and vintage slips and hand crafted earrings and quirky antique teapots that need me to buy them right now.  Between this and Boutiques.com, I am noticing a scary trend in that I apparently really like for computers to tell me what to buy.  Maybe this means I am really suggestible, or maybe it just means that I appreciate good taste, whether it comes from an inanimate object or not.

I'm kind of starting to freak out about finding a job in Buffalo.  All the jobs I applied for from craigslist (my first mistake, obviously) just spammed me.  Why was I surprised?  And monster.com is just hard to navigate and confusing.  For me, anyway.  Ugh.  How do grown-ups do it?  All I want to do is cruise petfinder for puppies to adopt.  Why can't the job just come to me?

Also, I was really excited to wear these purple flats today.  They're the fraternal twin sisters of my red flats, but then I got gum on them.  Boo-urns.  That, combined with their general shitty quality and the fact that I destroyed them by wearing them to dive bars in college means they should probably hit the trash.  Goodbye, happy little shoes.  You have served me well.

This weekend I am catching up with friends who are home for the holidays, including my best friend from high school who just got engaged.  Congratulations, Jess!  I can't believe we're already this old.  

(I'm also going to work at the diner this weekend.  Eight work days remaining.  Just sayin'.)

Also, it's almost Christmas!  Is everyone done shopping?

Also, this.  Drool.  Someone buy for me plz?  I'll smile a lot and bake you cookies!

Also, could I fit in any more links?  Or any more 'also's?  I think not.

Boom.  Weekend.  There you go.  :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010


boots- modcloth
tights- walmart
dress- etsy
cardigan- urban outfitters
belt- dockers
earrings- urban outfitters

Hey y'all.  I feel a little bit like Sydney Poulton in this outfit today.  Except not, because she would never wear a skirt this short because she is aware of a thing called modesty and I am all, "Modesty, what?"  But I am wearing a belted cardigan with a cute print.  Also, I creepily had a dream last night where I met her when I was out grocery shopping and geeked out and refused to introduce myself because I didn't want to seem like a weirdo fangirl.  Which is probably exactly what I would have done in real life.  My dreams are really boring most of the time, guys.  When I first started my job, I used to have dreams about waiting tables.  Nothing interesting would happen, I would just punch in orders and bring food out and then wake up, exhausted.  So cool.

I love this etsy dress.  I got it last spring when Boyf discovered this video on youtube and said, "Don't you have a polka dot dress?" and I said, "No.  But I should."  And then I did.  Also, I wore it in St. Louis on the day we went to the Budweiser factory and I decided it would be a fantastic idea, after drinking two tiny sample beers, to take a jumping picture outside the factory and my skirt flew up and I flashed a bunch of tourists and all my friends laughed at me and our cab driver, Aqil, was totally scandalized and hated us.

Today I am watching a lot of The Mighty Boosh.  Don't ask why, but it feels like Christmas to me.  Also, it is awesome and funny.  Watch.  And have an awesomer day because of it.

PS- Guyssss. For some reason, blogs with comments supported by Disqus won't let me comment. I don't know why. But rest assured that I do not hate you and I wish I could comment but I can't. :(

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

worst blogger ever.

Oof.  Hi, guys.  I'm just going to cut right to the chase: I don't have any pictures today.  Not even one.  What's that, you say?  You were gone for four days and you didn't even take one outfit shot?  Yes, my friends, that is correct.  That is because I seriously underestimated The Weather.  

You see, I grew up (and still live) downstate in New York.  I went to school in Western New York.  Though everyone warned me when I left for college that I was soon to be facing the most harrowing winters of my life, I generally found the weather in Western New York to be no better or worse than the weather in my hometown.  The Boyf also lives in Western New York, albeit in a different town.  I'd been there to visit many times in all kinds of weather and so I thought that I knew what I was getting into.  I thought that layering two pairs of tights under my cutoffs would be more than sufficient.  I thought that I had what it took to be stylish and still warm.

WRONG.  Apparently I have never really experienced a winter in Boyf's hometown (okay, I'll just tell you now.  It's Buffalo.  Buffalo, NY.  The place from the Weather Channel.  The place with all the lake-effect snow.  Yeah.  That Buffalo, NY.) until now, because I did not stop being cold once the entire time I was there, whereas Boyf was fine and kept saying, "Why are you shaking like that?  Are you really still  cold?  But it's so warm out!  Wait, why are your lips blue?  Is that some kind of makeup?" etc.  Guys, I was a cocky SOB.  Buffalo really showed me who was boss.  Wearing ballet flats during a snowstorm?   Yeah, you will fall on your ass.  Wearing two pairs of tights when it is 15 degrees?  Yeah, that does not mean squat.  Basically, I spent the weekend cocooned in blankets and wearing jeans and snow boots.  Not even a little bit cute.

And this is a problem.  Because I am moving there.  (!) In the beginning of January. (!!)  Boyf and I are getting an apartment with two of our friends (!!!) and I'm trying to find a job and furniture and I'm kind of really excited.  (!!!!) But it's going to be cold.  I'm going to be living in my winter coat.  And while it is a very nice coat, that might get a little boring.

So here's the thing: I'm still going to take outfit pictures.  I promise.  But that just means that I have a new wardrobe challenge.  I vow to find a way to be stylish and warm.  I will find a way to incorporate my LL Bean duck boots into cute outfits.  I will find a way to still be able to wear my beloved black tights this winter.  (Coincidentally?  Bloggers who say that they think wearing tights in the snow is warmer than wearing jeans...Seriously?  What do you know that I don't?)  This blog is going to become a Winter Vs. Elle Smackdown and you are all invited to watch.  I also might post obnoxious things about thrifting and apartment decorating and the reallllly super adorable place we went to look at on Monday.  

Bear with me.  You are all the greatest.  Also, any tips of surviving a frozen tundra land?  Most welcome :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

goin' up the country

shoes- teva
tights- walmart
cutoffs- thirfited levis
top- jc penney
cardigan- UO
earrings- UO

Oh.  Hi, guys!  My name is Elle and this is Day One of my version of Kendi's 30for30 challenge!  

Oh wait.  That was last month.  This outfit is pretty similar though, right?  I didn't even notice until I was editing the photos tonight...same hair, same earrings, same cutoffs-with-tights.  I missed these black flats though.  My mama got them for me.  They're TEVA.  They're kind of chunky and hideous, but they have furry insides and arch support and I adore them more than it is probably healthy to adore shoes.  

Also, I wore this ruffly white shirt.  And forgot how to pose.  And hunched too much in the first picture.  And refused to smile when Mom said, "LOOK AT THE CAMERA."  I'm adorable.

We took Grace to get groomed today.  I drove the hour home from the mall!  (Boonies...) Which is good because it means I'm not so afraid of driving anymore.  Which is good because I'm driving upstate to visit the Boyf and look at apartments (!!!) this weekend.  I'm not saying I'm not afraid of driving so much so soon after my crash, but I'm just going to have to put my head down and do it.  I'm going to get the Boyf to take my outfit photos this weekend (he doesn't know it yet...hi Boyf! Please and thank you? Okay okay).  So hopefully you can see my super cool layering outfits and learn how I stay warm during lots of snow and bitter cold.  Get excited!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So yesterday my car was in the shop getting snow tires put on, so I took my mom's car to work.  Getting there was no problem, but on the way home I lost control of the car on a sharp turn, skidded on snow/ice, and ended up going over the side of the road and landing my mom's car in a creek.  I'm perfectly alright-- not a scratch-- but this experience has made me realize how incredibly lucky I am and how thankful I am for so many things in my life.  

For example, even though I constantly complain about my job, it's made me meet a whole town's worth of people that I wouldn't have otherwise.  The guy who came along and found me, stranded on the side of the completely dark, houseless country road, without enough cell service to even call 911 (I told you guys I lived in the boonies) just happened to be a volunteer fireman who just happened to be friends with the tow guy, who just happened to have the trooper who came to do my accident report's cell phone number in his phone.  Said trooper is one of the diner regulars who I know really well.  He calmed me down and let me warm up my feet and was nice enough to not write me a ticket for not having my license on me.  

I'm lucky I didn't hit one of the nine million trees.  I'm lucky my parents understood my frantic, breaking-up phone call enough to come find me.  I'm lucky that they aren't mad at me-- I'm more upset than they are.  I'm lucky that I live in a town so small that the hairdresser and the mechanic have called the house already today to make sure that I'm okay and that whoever told them about the accident wasn't lying to them.  

I don't know what the point of putting this out there on the interwebs was.  I'm not trying to moralize or preach or anything like that, but I will say these things:

1) Drive slow in the winter.  Grandma-status.  Please and thank you.
2) Appreciate little things.  If you want.  You don't have to, but I'm giving it my personal recommendation.  You know you know.
3) I'll post an outfit photo tomorrow so that you all know that a) I really am okay, seriously and b) I have clothes outside of my 30for30 items.  Okay.

Peace out, bean sprouts.

Monday, December 6, 2010

outfit recap:

Here they all is.  Blogger was being a butthead about loading all of these.  If I was a good blogger, I would invest in Photoshop and learning how to use it in order to make it look nice, but I'm a delinquent.  What can I say?

My favorite outfits are numbers 11, 13, 15, 16, 21, and 22.  Kabam.  Which ones do you all like best?