Monday, November 1, 2010

you can't stop these kids from dancing, but why would you want to?

Okay, so this is totally cheating, but all three of today's Things I Am Into Today are OK Go videos.  I think OK Go's "Here It Goes Again" was the first youtube video that I just couldn't stop watching, and here they are doing it all over again.  I think Damian Kulash is just getting more attractive with age.  Like an indie, Chicagoan George Clooney.  No?

1) "White Knuckles"

There are puppies.  Lots.  Also, the giant stacking cups make me laugh because I remember when my brother was in middle school, he took cup-stacking in gym and came home boasting that he was the best one in the class at it.  He thought it was hilarious, but I was super proud.  

2) Both versions of "This Too Shall Pass." I am particularly fond of the Rube Goldberg version, however. Did you know they shot it all in one take? I also like the marching band one, though. All those people dressed like ground coverings make me inexplicably happy.

3) "End Love" video

This shit is stop motion. And awesome. And I love the sweatsuits. The little guy with glasses has always been me and Karin's favorite. He has so much personality, no?

To read about how they shot this, there's an article here.

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  1. I have a workout mix by them that is AMAZING for running.