Sunday, November 21, 2010

women go crazy bout a sharp dressed man

Stuff I'm into today:  ZZ Top.  

That might seem kind of strange.  ZZ Top?  What, those guys in beards?  But there are so many reasons to love ZZ Top.

1) Those music videos.  Hilarious.  I've never seen music videos that I think are funnier.  There are always like, five random girls dressed in tiny little skirts and leotards, and they just cruise around with the guys in the ZZ Topmobile and save the day of hapless couples across America.  Oh, what, you work in a shoe store and people keep stepping on your hands and trying to pull up your skirt in the parking lot?  ZZ Top to the rescue!  What, you can't find an appropriate car in which to go to the gala?  ZZ Top to the rescue!  What, you're the ghost of Elvis, soul hopelessly adrift in the lobby of some Las Vegas casino?  ZZ Top to the rescue!

Basically, any problem you might be having, ZZ Top will apparently apparate and disapparate onto the scene like some kind of demigods in order to help you out via their oboxious red car.  What good guys.  And those maribou guitars?  Perfection.

2) The dancing.  I love love love Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons' synchronized guitar swirls, swaying back and forth in unison, the way they jerk the guitar necks in the same direction at the exact same time in the song.  I also love their occasional chicken-stepping and how in videos they are always all standing in a line and pointing to things in sync.   

3) They always look like they're having fun, which to me is important.  A lot of the appeal of music can be lost on me when whoever it is is taking themselves way.  Too.  Seriously.

4) The music.  When it comes down to it, it's really classically fantastic blues.  I mean, they played the Crossroads Festival, for pete's sake.  And it is (and always has been) only three guys producing that sound.  Just three.  I think that's  something to be commended.

5) The beards.  Of course.  

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